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Stranger than Fiction - Movie Review Example

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 This review discusses the movie is about Harold Crick, who is known as Will Ferrell in the film. He was minding personal business and living in the day-to-day routine before he began hearing some voices. It took him time before realizing that it was the voice of an author…
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Stranger than Fiction
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Extract of sample "Stranger than Fiction"

Download file to see previous pages Despite Harold refusal to listen to the narration, he heard one verse from it that changed his perception towards the narration. The verse changed everything making him begin searching for the meaning (French 5). However, he did all these not knowing that the simple act would cause his death.
The simple narration from the author made Harold do all within his means to escape death. He went to a psychologist who confirmed to him that he suffers from schizophrenic; however, he refused that to be suffering from such ailment (Scott 4). Hence, he went again to seek advice from a professor of literature, Hilbert, who questioned him and left to configure if he is in a comedy or tragedy (Ebert 6). The author knew that he would be hitched in case he is in comedy and die in case he is in tragedy (Ebert 8).
From the above short synopsis of the movie, it is evident that there are many things, which the video has not explained, and they leave the reader in a dilemma. The reader has to guess the events, which transpired some of the actions witnessed in the book that the book ought to have explained or given a sequence to their occurrence. For instance, it is not clear and explained how Harold came to find himself in the book authored by Karen as one of the characters. Although the main protagonist heard voices that he did not understand the meaning, they would not be a justification for his appearance in the book. Similarly, the author of the book spoke to him in a special way, which also does not guarantee his appearance in the book as one of the characters. Therefore, there are many things that the movie left hanging without a proper timeline of how they came to take place.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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