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My writing skills - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay compares his three essays, it is clear that he has learnt how to use diction to address different audiences. In the three assignments, he was able to apply different rhetoric strategies, which made his writing more effective…
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My writing skills
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"My writing skills"

Download file to see previous pages My three essays addressed different audiences, which required me to use different strategies. In my rhetoric essay, I was not precise in my writing. However, I was able to improve on this and my second and third essays were more specific and clear. The different essays have enabled me to improve my vocabulary use and sentence structure. In the different essays, I have had the privilege of addressing different audiences and make use of different writing strategies. This enabled me to realize the effectiveness of different persuasive strategies. In addition, I was able to develop different writing skills distinct to the different audiences. In the Rhetoric essay, I devoted my essay to an academic audience. I focused on analyzing a piece of work by a pronounced author. My rhetoric strategies were considered poor. I could not differentiate the different persuasive styles used in the essay. Moreover, the introduction of the essay was poorly written. Additionally, my thesis was not well stated. The essay lacked a flow and the ideas were poorly phrased. As I read the essay, I noticed several things that I would change if I had to rewrite the essay again. For example, I did not explain how David Brooks made use of different rhetoric strategies to persuade the audience. My essay just mentioned that Brooks was persuasive without explaining how. However, analyzing David Brooks work was crucial to my writing. I was able to learn the different writing strategies used in persuasive....
The second essay was an argumentative essay. In this essay, it is clear that my writing skills had improved. I was able to state my viewpoint clearly. Additionally, the essay demonstrated excellent debating skills. In this essay, I shared arguments and counterarguments on why companies should start focusing on environmental protection and avoid focusing on economic profits. I ensured that I was open-minded and based my arguments on facts. Although I stated my stand, I ensured that my tone was convincing. For example, I explained the effects of company operations on the environment. I was able to convince the corporate audiences why it is advisable for them to adopt policies that will enable them invest in environment protection. In this essay, I realized that my persuasive strategies had improved. I was able to establish facts and use them to support my arguments. Additionally, I ensured that my arguments were organized in order of their priority, which helped me to build a strong argument. Additionally, my conclusions were clear and were based on facts. The third essay focused on why corporation, organizations, and governments should concentrate on cooperation and not competition. The controversy essay enabled me to establish ways of convincing the audience to support my arguments. In this essay, I pinpointed the demerits that arise when organizations adopt competitive strategies. I was able to draw the readers’ attention to the different issues surrounding competition and cooperation. I gave examples of how competition results in elimination of some companies from the market and how this affects the economy. Moreover, I explained how cooperation results into a win-win aftermath resulting in success of both parties. On the other hand, I was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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