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[Your Name] Compare and Contrast Both Suits, aired in 2011, and White Collar, aired in 2009, are shows in which the main character isn’t the role model for the universe but they are brilliant and nifty in what they do or they did, so they can be of assistance to those who are trying to be experts in their fields…
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Compare and contrast
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"Compare and contrast"

Download file to see previous pages Neal Caffrey is the star of the show who was a conman. He was a thief and forger for three years and knew all the tricks of the trade but then he got caught by the FBI. He was sentenced to four years in prison and his tenure was about to end in jail when he escaped the prison under maximum security and he found his girlfriend Kate. The agent who caught him was Peter Burke, caught him again and returned him to the prison. Caffrey actually tries to help Burke out this time; he is willing to give him evidence on another case but only if he meets with Caffrey in which he proposed that he would actually help Burke catch other criminals since he would know their tricks better and he would be released from prison on a work basis. Burke hesitates to accept this proposal however he ends up agreeing. This partnership starts the show with Caffrey promising to not escape his deal and help catch white collar criminals and they end up doing so successfully in many cases. ‘Suits’ is also a US based television series that is now on its third season. It involves Mike Ross as its main character. Ross is a brilliant character who was aiming to be an attorney and this dream was crushed when he was expelled and had to drop out of college. He had a keen intelligence and a photographic memory and so even as a dropout he could help others; he did this by taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) for others. Therefore both Caffrey and Ross had an intelligent mind and a flair for doing the wrong thing and they need to make a living as well. Ross had to take care of his grandmother who he places in a nursing home and then he also agrees to transport marijuana for a friend of his; not just anyone but his best friend in the show who is Trevor. At the same time, Harvey Specter, who a top corporate lawyer in New York is promoted in a firm called Pearson Hardman law firm. He needs to take on an associate attorney and Ross accidentally sits for an interview for the post. This however turns to be in his favor for two reasons. Firstly, the marijuana task turns out to be a sting operation designed to catch criminals. And secondly Specter is so impressed by Ross that he hires him despite knowledge of his dropping out. He likes him due to his wittiness, his knowledge and his desire. Only Specter’s attorney knows that Ross is a dropout but to the world, he has graduated from Harvard with a law degree. Both Ross and Caffrey are persuasive enough to be hired and convince men of great position and power to be on their side and keep their secret at the same time. However, at Specter’s firm, his partner and who is jealous of Specter isn’t convinced with Mike’s degree credentials and Ross faces not only those issues but the fact that his friend is a drug dealer and that keeps him linked to his past which was a failure. He is also confused about whom he loves by first dating his best friend’s ex-girlfriend and then a colleague Rachel Zane, and so his personality seems to be more complicated. And his complication catches up to him when his best friend returns and seeing that he is dating his ex-girlfriend, he tells on him regarding his credentials to his firm. He loses Jenny eventually as well due to his feelings for Rachel and things seem to be going berserk with him at work with accusations of also hiding evidence as well. His personal life seems to be displayed more than Caffreys’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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