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Film must be on Avatar (2009) The best papers usually focus on a central theme or the intersection of 2 issues (race, clas - Essay Example

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Name Class Professor Date I. Brief Synopsis of the film Avatar The setting of the film was largely located on planet Pandora which is a lush Earth-like moon orbiting the planet Polyphemus, a blue planet similar to Jupiter. Humans frequently go to Pandora because of its mineral unobtanium…
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Film Essay must be on Avatar (2009) The best papers usually focus on a central theme or the intersection of 2 issues (race, clas
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"Film must be on Avatar (2009) The best papers usually focus on a central theme or the intersection of 2 issues (race, clas"

Download file to see previous pages Colonel Miles Quaritch who heads the Earth’s security force, however, found the rich source of unobtanium which is the Na’vi’s sacred gathering place and attacked it. Jake joined in defending Hometree that led to the eventual retreat of the humans. Jake was later transferred to his avatar permanently through the help of the Tree of Souls. II. Intersection of two issues: racial and gender discrimination Humez and Dines theorized that mass media which are the radio, television and film help form our identities that includes the way we see the world, relationship with it and the values we hold and cherish (2002). In essence, media has so much influence that it could dictate our perception and value system particularly the film because it immerses its audience in the reality it portrays and thus, inadvertently influences its audience of the cultural and social perspective of the film. In James Cameroon film Avatar, there are two distinct cultural and social perspective of the film that causes injustice and subjugation wrought by greed and social stratification. These two distinct issues that were obvious in the film-that is the discrimination of humans against Na’vis who were viewed by humans as primitive and with condescension whose race is taken as an impediment in their quest to harvest the mineral unobtanium. This relationship between the humans and Navi’s become unjust because it perpetuated a system of inequality whereby it restrict some people while privileging others (Magner qtd. in Weber 13). Another subtle issue that was present in the film was the gender issue of stereotyping of women as people who are often subjugated to men. This became an injustice because Na’vis imposed a social stratification that subjugates a gender (female) to another gender (male). These issues intersect in a way that the race and a particular gender is relegated to another which in this case are the Na’vis and the women to be belonging in the lower strata as represented by Neytiri, the chieftain and the spiritual leader’s daughter . Although the Na’vis are not from earth, the discrimination against them by human beings can still be construed as racial because they were segregated or treated with hostility because of the difference in their appearance and culture. They were perceived as primitive and without technology, their religious practices were viewed as paganistic and obscure. In fact, their religious practices were not even respected or even considered because the Hometree, which is a sacred gathering ground for the Na’vis is nothing to the humans but just a rich source of the mineral unobtanium. For the humans, it has no religious or social significance other than a rich source of unobtanium mineral and those who worship there (god Eywa) are being looked down as fatalistic. The humans blatant disregard about the Navi’s was evident when they found where the Hometree was located. They attacked it wantonly without any consideration that it is holy ground for the native Na’vis. The closest parallelism of the movie Avatar can be likened to the discrimination against black African Americans who were discriminated just because of their skin color and country of origin (Krieger 1711). In the same manner that humans attacked Hometree in their quest to get the rich source of un ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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