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Avata,2009 ( this is Film class paper) - Movie Review Example

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[Instructor Name] Analysis of Cinematography To make a film interesting eye-catching and almost real like many things have to be taken into mind and work. The most essential of all aspects is the cinematography which is almost similar to the art of still photography…
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Avata,2009 ( this is Film class paper)
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Download file to see previous pages The unity present in the scene, rhythm, visual balance and most importantly the color for it greatly relates to the mood and feelings that are to be depicted in the scene. One of the most important factors in cinematography is the usage of the proper camera and that too in the most efficient way keeping view the directionality, frame rate and so on. The cinematographer must know how to manipulate with the colors that is where to use soft light or hard light. The cinematography is also called as the Director of Photography and the director must also have enough information of cinematographic principles. The film we are going to analyze with reference to this is Avatar, a film directed by the genius of sci-fi James Cameron. James Cameron is an unparallel direction and writer when comes to science fictions movies and high end technology. He is has got a very wild imagination and excellent style for portraying which makes his all films flawless masterpieces. This film has also set ground breaking records and created revolution in cinematography through technological advances and excellent motion pictures. His former wife is also very famous and has produced some remarkable films, His current wife Gale Anne Hard is also a well-known producer. The opening scene if the film is entirely focused on the mail lead of the film who is a paralyzed former marine who spends most of his time drinking and lives in a small dank room. Jake Sully is main hero is asked to replace his slain brother in a project that has been sent to outer space to a star that happens to have certain resources that could revitalize the decaying earth. The film has set in 2148 where earth is totally destructed with no more greenery left more than 20milion people living in poverty. Deadly wars, nuclear warfare, famine, natural disasters and pollution are now the description of earth. There are hardly four to five minutes where the films has been shown depicting earth rest is on the moon Pandora where there lives a tribe known as Na ‘vi. This is from where the brilliance of the film starts though all of the scene have computer generated or shot through digital cameras abut all of it looks real like. Avatar with all the budget and gard work seems to be paying off every cent as well as augments the technical effects and throws challenge to other filmmakers dealing with this genre (McCarthy & Variety). Coming to the scenes of the film where the technicalities are at its best though the whole films classifies on this basis. The avatars created which are blue like people 9 ft tall, the different creatures; plants on the planets are all so real though it’s all digital imagery. The expressions of the people on that planet are inexplicable and nicely done. The best scene being when the shuttle nears the planet and the sound of the drums grows louder and louder increasing the excitement and curiosity of the viewers. Then there alien like tress, winged creatures, everything colored a bit towards cyan. The lace seems like some other forest on earth except it’s so beautifully extravagant that it looks extraterrestrial. Avatar has an aura around it which spell binds to watch it and takes you on roller coaster ride like you never been to one (Turan, NewYork Times). The scene in which they show the princess who has fallen in love with the Avatar of Jake Sully takes him on a tour to her land is also stunning. The spiritual tress, the way everything illuminates in the night, the colors are extremely heart ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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