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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction - Essay Example

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Outline Introduction Background Arguments to prove that Global Warming is a Fact Arguments to prove that Global Warming is a Fiction Global Warming: Fact or Fiction Introduction From time immemorial, humans have been carrying out both ‘constructive’ as well as ‘destructive’ activities…
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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
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"Global Warming: Fact or Fiction"

Download file to see previous pages Global Warming is one such repercussion, during which the surface temperature of the earth increases due to the buildup of Green House gases in the atmosphere, leading to extreme and grave climatic changes. However, the counter argument is, these grave climatic changes have been happening for centuries, and there are not sufficient evidences to link global warming to those natural calamities. Background Global Warming is mainly due to the “Green House Effect”. It is actually a natural process, which happens on an everyday basis. That is, when the sun radiates its energy to the earth, the earth’s surface and the lower atmosphere absorbs some of this energy whilst the rest is radiated back in to space. However, when the Green House gases namely carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, CFCs, etc., ‘forms’ a layer in the atmosphere, the sun’s heat energy is trapped (without the possibility of ‘escaping’ to the outer space), thus leading to increase in the surface temperature of the earth. Scientists believe that the human activities particularly after the Industrialization Revolution have only accentuated the production of Green House Gases leading to Global Warming. As Berliner (2003) states, “humans have been modifying the environment through processes associated with industrialization”, with increased emissions of carbon dioxide being one of the most important outcomes of those activities. Arguments to prove that Global Warming is a Fact The key argument that shows that Global Warming is happening and is only leading to grave climatic changes is the recent fluctuations in the weather conditions. That is, it is being said that summers have become very hot, while winters are have become extremely cold. Due to extreme hotness caused by Global Warming, earth’s hydrological cycle has affected, with heightened evaporations. This is causing droughts and crop losses in many places all over the world. In addition, due to extreme heat, forest fires have become a common phenomenon destroying environment, animal species as well as livelihood of humans. “The number and size of large forest fires in the West have grown "suddenly and dramatically" in the past two decades in part because of global warming” (O’ Driscoll, n. d). On the other end, the high temperatures are causing meltdown of glaciers particularly in the Arctic Region. As Freedman (2012) pointed out, “the rapid decline in Arctic sea ice during the past several decades is one of the most visible signs of manmade global warming”, with the warming happening at nearly twice the rate of the rest of the globe, and going by the forecast, the entire Arctic cover could vanish by 2100, leading to major consequences. For example, this melting of the Polar Caps is leading to high influx of water into the Oceans, increasing the sea level. Due to this increase, sizable low-lying regions are submerging, causing loss of human lives as well as damages to the environment. With Green House Gases production increasing in the past few decades due to heightened industrial and automobile activities, the resultant global warming is causing all the above discussed natural calamities quite frequently. Arguments to prove that Global Warming is a Fiction Skeptics of Global Warming theory state that the grave climatic changes specifically the extreme hotness does not happen due to Global Warming, but mainly because of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global Warming: A Reality or Misconception
The focus in this paper is on the global warming as a term that relates to the increase in the temperature of the earth and it affects the entire world equally. In today’s time, when the entire world has become a global village due to the advancement in technology every individual is familiar with the phenomena of “global warming”.
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The purpose of this research is to attempt to get the scientific community to agree that global warming related variables can be combated more efficiently with better cooperation. Take politics, economics, greed, and self interests of various governments out of the debate and merely focus on the facts, and labeling the problem whatever you desire, can and will support worldwide comprehensive improvements.
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Nowadays, we are facing the classic decision-making dilemma, choosing between scientific and political grounds. On the one hand, we have an unknown and possibly dangerous, adverse climate changes and on the other - uncertainty in the nature and causes of such changes, their costs and consequences of actions taken to respond.
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A number of researchers provide the example of the extremely cold weather recorded in the winter of 2003-2004 in the northeastern US. On the other hand, independent analyses by different researchers and scientists reveal that the climate of the earth has been showing increasingly warmer trends. 
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Gloal Warming: Fact or Fiction
We will further lay emphasis on why it may highly be imperative that providing general awareness towards climatic change and it’s arising reasons would certainly play a significant feat in shaping towards the ultimate global warming solution. Moving on we could potentially look back at the Kyoto protocol and differentiate between previous, current and forthcoming scenarios while in addition this paper would also shed light to the fact that Global warming may indeed be an exaggerated concern in current times and with a little targeted control on the contributing factors to this particular issue we may be well on our way to a much greener yet prosperous future.
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And then when it is being asked whether one believes in it or not, the questions asked are wrong (Tobis 2004). Add to these scientific-fiction books that declare global warming is only a theory and a farce, amidst a great deal of scientific data that they present.
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Global Warming: Fact or Myth
In addition, the claim is criticized by the argument that undoubtedly, the weather was coldest as compared to the previous trend in that region;
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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Green house gases are those which allow heat from the Sun to enter the atmosphere but do not allow it to escape back. Gases like carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor and fluorinated gases act
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The extreme weather conditions and untimely changes in climate were enough evidence that something was wrong somewhere. I did not have to question God to understand the effects of extreme temperatures on the earth atmosphere and oceans. My late grandmother had told me earlier that the extreme temperatures were experienced way back in 19th century.

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