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Gloal Warming: Fact or Fiction - Essay Example

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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction (Author’s Name) (Institutional Affiliation) Abstract The following literature particularly highlights the core aspects of as to why and how global warming potentially damages the environment and whether this phenomenon forecasts to be a dominant feature in the coming future…
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Gloal Warming: Fact or Fiction
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Download file to see previous pages Global Warming: Fact or Fiction 1. Global warming, the man made natural threat. Sustaining abrupt changes in the world climate, it seems a matter of great concern that seasonal temperature rising are now an ordinary spectacle between the Artic and Antarctic poles. With Global warming standing out to be the signifying demeanor on this regard, this phenomenon can most certainly be termed as threatening as any other natural calamity, but nevertheless it is favorably possible for man to hopefully contain this ongoing threat to a significantly lesser degree. Theoretically speaking global warming, as we all know, is the global temperature rise due to unfiltered exposure of the Sun on the earth’s surface and the potential diminishing of the ozone layer. The premier culprits on causing such catastrophic consequences are Carbon dioxide gas and the water vapor which when released into the atmosphere significantly absorbs the heat emitted by the sun and radiates infrared radiation. The general and direct consequence of such an event causes global temperature to rise which as compared to previous temperature variation is much more severe and alarmingly accelerated. Second to such concerns are the facts that the Ozone layer surrounding the earth’s atmosphere is slowly but steadily diminishing and with the use of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) at present rate, this could well and truly leave permanent scars. These chlorofluorocarbons when released into the atmosphere break into chlorine free radicals and disturb the protective ozone layer by physically composing holes in it. Such shortcomings enable the highly dangerous UV (ultraviolet) rays to easily embark into the planets atmosphere and again periodically raise the global temperature giving potential rise to the global warming issue and all related drawbacks. 2. Importance of general awareness concerning global warming. Since global warming is an unintentional man employed natural calamity, the only possible way to stop such a chain reaction is to establish a counter measure ideology and exponentially market it in masses all across the globe. By adapting to such feats it may be possible to halt global warming issues before they rambunctiously reach the sky and on such note the Kyoto protocol plays a pivotal role in presenting all developed and developing countries the task to cut down on greenhouse gasses namely CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and H2O (g) (Water vapor) D Alluvia, Nick. (2010, August 26). Still however our true concern lies with implementing scenarios of the precautions taken into account for the general dismantling of CFC usage and other green house gasses while to practically achieve this Herculean task it is imperative that the common man should be made aware of the destructive nature for using untreated fossil fuels and green house gasses which in turn give accredited rise to global warming and all its associated problems. For instance as compared to 1970s the temperature change witnessed in the preceding three decades is far more than what the world anticipated prior to the industrial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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