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The White Paper on Global Warming: Fact or Fiction - Assignment Example

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The controversy surrounding the issue is perfectly captured through detailing the views of two opposing sides. Thus, the paper calls for multi-approach efforts to find and implement solutions to the issue, concluding that global warming is more factual than fictional…
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The White Paper on Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
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Download file to see previous pages Global warming is one of the forefront issues facing humanity in the contemporary world as evidenced by widespread debates and global conferences on the issue. An objective understanding of the concept of global warming, its causes and impacts, is necessary in order to engage in constructive debate. Hence, this paper explains global warming, its causation, and current and projected impacts before stating the proposed solutions. Both sides of the global warming debate are then discussed, leading an appropriate conclusion.
The widely accepted definition for global warming is that it is the gradual increase in the average temperature of the earth’s near-surface air and oceans observed since the mid-20th century and projected to continue. However, the issue of concern is the contribution of human activity towards the occurrence of global warming. Hence, the concept of anthropogenic global warming arises; a technical term describing the human contribution to the observed rise in global mean temperatures.
A discussion of the cause of global warming calls for a look into the concept of the greenhouse effect. Here, a number of gases known as the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide allow shortwave radiation from the sun to get into the atmosphere but trap the long wave reflections from the earth’s surface. An increase in the levels of such greenhouse gases would translate to trapping of heat in the earth’s atmosphere leading to a mean increase in the earth’s temperature...
wn as the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide allow shortwave radiation from the sun to get into the atmosphere but trap the long wave reflections from the earth’s surface. An increase in the levels of such greenhouse gases would translate to trapping of heat in the earth’s atmosphere leading to a mean increase in the earth’s temperature (Gray, 2001). Disruption of the earth’s ozone layer has also been attributed to contributing to global warming. The important question of anthropogenic contribution to causation of global warming lies in the manmade emission of greenhouse gases or human disruption of the natural uptake of these gases. Thus, fossil fuel burning and industrial activities alongside deforestation contribute to global warming (Brettevile, 2002). Human contribution to the problem, however, remains a widely controversial, debated, and disputed topic as discussed later in this paper. C. Impacts The impacts associated with global warming give insight into why the matter has received much interest from various sections in the society. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) details the impacts of continued global warming on human existence on the planet (UNEP, 2003). It will disrupt the earth systems that human life depends on, including the hydrological cycle and ocean circulation and the carbon and other nutrient cycles. Global warming would also add to ecosystem destruction, desertification, decline in water quality, depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer, pollution, and deforestation. Overall, Organisms would be deprived of food and water and subjected to uninhabitable environments. These effects on the environment, including the melting of polar ice and deforestation have already seen certain organisms facing extinction, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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