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The Extent to Which Global Warming May Impact the Oceans Biological Systems - Research Paper Example

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Current paper explores a specific aspect of climate change: global warming. Reference is made, in particular, to the impact of global warming on the ocean’s biological systems. Primarily, the potentials of global warming to affect the biological systems of oceans are explored. …
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The Extent to Which Global Warming May Impact the Oceans Biological Systems
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Extract of sample "The Extent to Which Global Warming May Impact the Oceans Biological Systems"

Download file to see previous pages Controlling gas emissions and pollution worldwide has been a critical challenge for governments worldwide. Up to now a series of plans has been developed for securing the limitation of the negative effects of human-related activities on the environment. The results of the relevant efforts seem to be disappointing. In many cases, this failure has been related to the lack of funds for the support of the relevant programs. However, such claim could not be accepted especially since schemes have been developed at the international level for securing the funding of these plans by all countries, according to their economic performance. At this point, the following question appears: how climate changes tend to be continuously increased, at international level, even if the measures taken by most governments are extended?
It should be noted that the literature developed in regard to this subject may not always refer directly to global warming but rather to climate change and its effects on the ocean’s biological systems. This is because global warming is considered as closely related to climate change, even as an aspect of climate change, so the emphasis is often given to climate change in general and not specifically to global warming. It is implied that the assumptions made after the relevant research are also related to global warming. It is proved that, indeed, global warming is able to impact these systems. Then, the exact consequences of global warming on the ocean’s biological system are checked and analyzed. It is revealed that the role of global warming on the alteration of ocean’s biochemistry, as related to the ocean’s biological systems, is higher than expected. Moreover, no signs seem to exist for the limitation of the phenomenon. Instead, the research developed in this field indicates the continuous decrease of the ocean’s marine organisms and the continuous deterioration of the ocean’s overall biological systems.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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