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Solving the Problem of the Global Warming - Essay Example

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This paper "Solving the Problem of the Global Warming" focuses on the fact that the term ”Global Warming” is used to describe the gradual process that takes place as the earth’s temperatures increase. The increase in the earth’s temperature also brings about other changes. …
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Solving the Problem of the Global Warming
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Extract of sample "Solving the Problem of the Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages Climate change is considered by many scientists as the biggest environmental crises in the history of the earth’s existence as a planet. It is also considered as a humanitarian crisis because the effects of climate change have caused a lot of human suffering such as hunger from drought. The changes that come with global warming are considered permanent and irreversible and the only hope prescribed by many scientists is an effort to curb and stall it. Scientists have warned that humanity risk cooking them in as in a microwave if global warming is allowed to continue unimpeded (Bolin, 1981) this is possible as heat and sunlight from the sun, which has, contains harmful radiation may be able to pass through when the protective ozone layer is destroyed. The scientist has long taken interest in the activity of the sun and the earth observing the way both interact. (G. Abbot & F.E. Fowle, 1908).

The extent of climatic change can be traced around the world (Aston & Helm, 2005). This is because there has been an increase in extreme weather changes. Many metrological departments have recorded never before seen high and low-temperature changes across the world. The occurrences of droughts, floods, storms, forest fires, cyclones and hurricanes have increased not only numerically but also in veracity (Atwood, 2009). No continent has been spared of the effects of global warming. There is also a rise in sea levels caused by ice melting in permafrost areas (NASA, 2015). This reduction of permafrost areas is harmful to the wildlife, plants and marine life that thrive on the cold freezing temperatures. These life forms do not have time to adapt to the climatic changes and will die off and become extinct. The destruction of the permafrost zones will bring an imbalance in the ecological systems there and other ecological systems because they are all mutually interdependent. NASA has warned that areas that have previously been under permanent ice cover are now undergoing changes: “The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have decreased in mass.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Solving the Problem of the Global Warming Essay - 2.
(Solving the Problem of the Global Warming Essay - 2)
Solving the Problem of the Global Warming Essay - 2.
“Solving the Problem of the Global Warming Essay - 2”.
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