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Death in Hamlet - Essay Example

They could not fight against challenges and complexities of the world and their environments seemed hostile to them. A great playwright gives a lesson to his readers and says that it is better to solve different challenges and problems during life, because death is not the best solution. Death in the play Hamlet is haunted by death from the beginning of the play. He was not afraid of self-destruction and he was captured by his own feelings and tragic emotions. Death of his father and betrayal of his mother were greatest impact on his psycho and Hamlet thought that the only way to solve his problems was to find a salvation in death. Hamlet was curious about death; it was like an enchanting and amazing kingdom of peace. Hamlet is involved into deaths of Guildenstern and Rosencrantz (Act V, Scene II), but in the course of time he is even greater involved in death and experiences its severe impact on him. Idle curiosity about death reflects his weak-willed and idle nature. The world is cruel for him and he does trust neither his mother, nor his girlfriend. There is a gradual transformation of feelings of Hamlet. In Act V, Scene II, Hamlet shows his readiness for death: “If it be not now, yet it will come. The readiness is all” (5.2). Therefore, he is able to accept death and opens his arms to meet it. Reality is cruel, but Hamlet is sure that his victory over Laertes or his death is a logical ending of his turbulent life. He is focused on fate and he realizes that he is unable to escape from

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The story is thrilling and it grips the reader through the end. In this paper we will do an analysis of the play and an attempt will be made to interpret Hamlet. Many attempts have been made to interpret Hamlet and many themes are identified in the play.
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Suicide and the images of death in Hamlet
There is a warning that the theme of death is going to be important in the play Hamlet right from the start because in the first scene a ghostly figure appears and scares the castle guards (Act I, Scene 1). The audience hears about Hamlet for the first time in connection with this ghost, who is in fact the ghost of his father. When Hamlet himself first appears, he is addressed by King Claudius with the words: “How is it that the clouds still hang on you?” (Act I, Scene 2, line 66) which suggests that he is depressed.
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Hamlet by Shakespeare
According to the report death traces its way through the entire play from the opening scene dealing with a confrontation with a deceased man’s ghost to the last scene, which leaves nearly all characters dead after a bloodbath. Hamlet constantly reflects on the element of death from a number of angles.
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Death and Hamlet
[Student’s Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course name and code] 05 December 2013. Death and Hamlet: Hamlet is one of the most famed tragedies written by William Shakespeare due to its groundbreaking portrayal of human emotions and the role played by tragedy in dismantling those emotions.
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Why the father and son relationship in the plays Hamlet Oedipus and the King and Death of a Salesman were important to the tragedy of each play
In this essay we are going to analyze the relationship between father and son in the stories – “Hamlet”, “Oedipus and the King” and “Death of a Salesman.” William Shakespeare’s spectacular story ‘Hamlet’ encompasses
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Tragedy in Hamlet and Death of a Salesman
Hamlet and Death of a Salesman are both tragedies but both are written in different eras and by different writers. However, both of the plays deal tragedy with similar notions. For the tragic end that comes to the protagonists of both the plays, the tragedy comes because of the characters themselves
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Hamlet and death
The family struggles were one of the main things highlighted. The narrator shows how he survived during his hard moments tobecome the person he later was. They were distillery people who prepared sorghum wine which they sell to enable them acquire what they
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The focus of this paper is to identify the pattern in which Hamlet talks about himself and his dilemma throughout the book. In Hamlet, the main dilemma is to be or not to be both for himself and for King Claudius who is the murderer of his father. Hamlet soliloquies
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Ophelia falls for Hamlet, but Polonius, his father, dismisses it fearing that she will be heartbroken. Through a ghost of his late father, Hamlet finds out that King Claudius killed his father. The ghost instructs Hamlet to
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In highlighting the various themes of the play, Shakespeare makes use of dramatic monologue through the various characters such as Hamlet himself, to reveal certain aspects that could not otherwise be
1 pages (250 words)Essay
death. Hamlet gives up in the hands of fate and he is sure that it is a great master, which is able to deal with his life. Thus, Hamlet was moving for death and finally he reached it. Gertrude is also gradually coming to death. Her human flaws are incredibly destroying for her own life and this woman is not afraid of drastic consequences, but she is striving for a final ending of her life. She finds death through her betrayal: Good Hamlet, cast thy nighted colour off, And let thine eye look like a friend on Denmark. Do not for ever with thy vailed lids Seek for thy noble father in the dust: Thou know'st 'tis common; all that lives must die, Passing through nature to eternity. (1.2.2) There are the same emotions triggered by death and Queen Gertrude is focused on inevitability of death. Both of these characters saw no reason to fight against death. Hamlet’s father approached death involuntarily, but his son and his wife made death a central issue of their lives. Inevitable flaws of human lives cannot be resisted by the main characters of Shakespeare and they have to be imprisoned by their weak natures and follow a long grey tunnel of their lives, which ends with death and not with light. Claudius and Gertrude behave as though they do not have any moral principles of behavior. There are no barriers for their destructive actions and they do not think about drastic consequences of their actions. Thus, they play dangerous games with death. They lived on the edge of life and they wanted to penetrate in darkness and depth of death. Conclusion It is evident that death is positioned by Shakespeare not as a kind of salvation, but as an inevitable and silly ending of life, likes a punishment for human flaws. The main characters of the play were blind and they could not see that their drastic inhumane actions would lead to their deaths and deaths of other people around them. The society of the Middle Ages can be named as the society of the Dark Ages, because they
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Name Subject Date Death in “Hamlet” Introduction “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare is one of the greatest plays of all times. To my mind, a spirit of decadence of the Middle Ages is a strong background for developments of theme of death in Hamlet…
Death in Hamlet
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