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Death and Hamlet - Essay Example

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Hamlet is one of the most famed tragedies written by William Shakespeare due to its groundbreaking portrayal of human emotions and the role played by tragedy in dismantling those emotions. …
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Death and Hamlet
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"Death and Hamlet"

Download file to see previous pages The leading hero of the play Prince Hamlet is equally famous for his influential dialogues and impressive performance. He is undeniably one of the most interesting dramatic characters ever created by Shakespeare or any other dramatist. His character is very deep and has a lot of intensity which explains why many dimensions of his personality have been frenetically analyzed by critics to date. An in-depth analysis of Hamlet’s character speaks of the fact that he is a tough man who is not really afraid of the horrors of death. Hamlet in association with the theme of death forms a very interesting subject to be analyzed because it has a lot of intensity to it. Scrutinizing this character in reference to death can unravel many important aspects of the story also. The purpose of this essay is also to explore Hamlet’s relationship with and attitudes towards death throughout the play. Death is a highly pronounced theme of this Shakespearean tragedy and it is quite interesting how it influences Hamlet from the very start of the play. Hamlet’s relationship with death is described as very extraordinary by Bloom (400) who suggests that as soon as the news of his father’s death reaches Hamlet, he becomes literally obsessed with the idea of death. This obsession is evident in the firm belief he develops in his father’s ghost right from the start which is revealed to him by his friend Horatio. Before killing Claudius, he is passionate about finding about the reality of ghosts to know if they really live in the world after death of a person or not. He analyzes the idea of death from many perspectives which shows how weirdly fascinated he becomes with it after his father’s murder. The news of his father’s tragic demise totally transforms Hamlet as a person and instead of focusing on other things, he develops a fascination for death. When he considers the idea of ghosts and explores it, he analyzes death from a spiritual perspective. He is determined to find answers to his questions and death seems to be the absolute answer. He also sees death as a solution to his emotional and psychological problems. It is not just death of other characters like Claudius but his own death also which compels Hamlet to think long and hard. Several times he contemplates the idea of suicide to get free from the pressures of the real world which weigh down on him in a very tragic manner. He gives suicide a serious through for the first time when he says, “O that this too too solid flesh would melt, / Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!” (I.ii.129-30). This is a very important dialogue because here Hamlet expresses his desire for death. He wishes his flesh would just melt and transform into dew after thawing itself because he does not want to live and is intrigued what will happen after death like if he will transform into a ghost and reunite with his father’s ghost. Then when he says, “Or that the Everlasting had not fix’d / His canon ’gainst self-slaughter! O God! O God!” (I.ii.131-32), he desperately wishes God had not called self-slaughter (suicide) a sin. Actually, the notion of suicide also does not sit well with Hamlet’s religious views. Despite his vengeance and longing for death, Hamlet is a good Christian and fears that suicide will subject him to eternal suffering in hell. He admits that suicide is not morally right, but still longs for it. This leads him to a catch-22 situation and extreme dissonance envelops him consequently. In a state of acute distress, he concludes that no one will wish to continue living if one is not afraid of what awaits after death. But, he fears the promise of eternal punishment in hell for people who commit suicide and it is this fear, not of death but of what comes after, which interferes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hamlet Essay Within the context of literature, writers make use of the concept of death as an important theme to unlock the doors of human mind. To be specific, the portrayal of death tends the readers to realize that the same is a usual process in the living world.
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Suicide and the images of death in Hamlet
There is a warning that the theme of death is going to be important in the play Hamlet right from the start because in the first scene a ghostly figure appears and scares the castle guards (Act I, Scene 1). The audience hears about Hamlet for the first time in connection with this ghost, who is in fact the ghost of his father. When Hamlet himself first appears, he is addressed by King Claudius with the words: “How is it that the clouds still hang on you?” (Act I, Scene 2, line 66) which suggests that he is depressed.
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The focus of this paper is to identify the pattern in which Hamlet talks about himself and his dilemma throughout the book. In Hamlet, the main dilemma is to be or not to be both for himself and for King Claudius who is the murderer of his father. Hamlet soliloquies
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Hamlet by Shakespeare
According to the report death traces its way through the entire play from the opening scene dealing with a confrontation with a deceased man’s ghost to the last scene, which leaves nearly all characters dead after a bloodbath. Hamlet constantly reflects on the element of death from a number of angles.
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