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The Pirates of the Caribbean films and Emmanuel Appadocca Overview Though generally considered as a practice of old, slavery remains one theme that most works of literacy continue to portray. Most of these works either give a historical account of days of massive slave trade across the globe or gives modern versions of the theme of slavery…
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The Pirates of the Caribbean
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Download file to see previous pages First, the act of human slavery has not been eradicated totally. Secondly, the accounts on slavery give a very strong indication of why those ‘dark’ days of slave trade should never be revisited. Context in which each text was produced The Pirates of the Caribbean is set around a context of rescue mission. But there is a whole ironic contextual twist to this as the rescue, which was to be done for the governor’s daughter by Blacksmith Will Turner was done in conjunction with a pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. Due to the love of Blacksmith Will Turner for the governor’s daughter, it can be said that the rescue mission was based on love. This therefore creates a context of the need to die for a person’s loved one even if it at times calls for doing this by fair or foul means. Slavery and capture are depicted in the context of producing The Pirates of the Caribbean because we see the governor’s daughter being captured into what was certainly to be enslavement. With reference to Emmanuel Appadocca, there is the context of consequences of undermining the integrity of others. This is because Emmanuel Appadocca set himself on the path of revenge purposely to proof to the rich sugar planter, James Wilmington that if it was his mother (Emmanuel’s mother) he did not have respect for, he Emmanuel was in a position to show that there was a way he could defend the integrity of his mother. The approach was indeed questionable and so this also brings to fore, the idea that when a person is forced to act for someone he loves, it is mostly done by every means possible – even if through a foul means. Genres and how they influenced the Text All two sets of work; that is The Pirates of the Caribbean and Emmanuel Appadocca have genres of action, adventure and fantasy. However, the mediums through which these two great works of literature were carried have a lot of influence on the messages and contextual themes they carried. Indeed, films and novels carry the same theme in different fashions. It is for this reason that there are several film versions of novels that had existed for long. In fact it would be expected that when a film and a novel are depicting the same theme, the film would have a realistic appeal of the theme than the novel. But indeed as far as the theme of slavery is concerned, the same cannot be said of The Pirates of the Carribean as against Emmanuel Appadocca. This is because in Emmanuel Appadocca, the writer’s setting and central theme was indeed at the time of the slave trade. This means that the writer had more exemplifying and elaborative way of presenting the issue of slavery than in The Pirates of the Caribbean. In the latter, though there was the theme of slavery, much of the writer’s attention was on the rescue and the love relationship that existed between Blacksmith Will Turner and the governor’s daughter. Due to this, a lot of the action that the power of motion had in the film was centered on the rescue theme rather than elaborating on the plight and hardship associated with the capture. In the novel also, due to the lack of motion, the writer was forced to be really sentimental with his presentation on issues of slavery and so could better depict slavery through writing than it was through motion picture. Intended audience for text Some way some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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