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Pirates of the Caribbean - Part 1 - Essay Example

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Film Critique: Pirates of the Caribbean ~ Part 1 [Name and Section no of Course] Film Critique: Pirates of the Caribbean ~ Part 1 Filmmakers create films influenced or inspired by what they see, hear, read and even feel…
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Pirates of the Caribbean - Part 1
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Download file to see previous pages On those lines, well-known Hollywood studio Disney made the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl inspired from a popular Disney theme park ride called “The Curse of the Black Pearl”. The film, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was an interesting ride and very much liked by all section of the viewers. As the theme of the movie was based on the exciting and fun-filled journey of pirates, without complex and heavy storyline, it was a successful entertainer. Backed by strong and interesting performance by the lead actors particularly Johnny Depp, stunning visual effects and cinematography, excellent background score and fast paced as well as skilful direction by the ‘Captain’ Gore Verbinski made the film a commercial as well as critical success. Its success even brought back the likeness and demand for pirate genre movies in Hollywood after several decades. At the same time, the film was criticized for being too long, extended back stories and supporting cast, boisterous action set pieces with repetitive sword fights, etc. Thus, as part of critique of the movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, this paper will discuss in detail the various cinematic aspects which made the movie into successful blockbuster and trendsetter, and at the same time how the filmmakers could have fine tuned certain aspects which stands out oddly in otherwise flawless film. Speaking of acting performance by the lead characters, the main character of this 134 minutes long movie is Jack Sparrow, played superbly by Johnny Depp. Other characters include, Captain Barbossa acted by Geoffrey Rush, Will Turner played by Orlando Bloom, and the female protagonist Elizabeth Swann was performed by Keira Knightley. The main characters of the film were supposed to be Will and Elizabeth and although they performed well in their roles, the character of Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp received the most appreciation. Starting from his unusual physical looks and importantly unique mannerisms, Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow was the ‘spark’ that brightly ‘lit’ the film. His unusual look was primarily due to the use of black eyeliner, gold teeth and braided hair with a red bandana to add. His mannerism of a slightly intoxicated swagger, with a garbling speech and also flapping hand gestures, enticed people so much, it was aped by may people particularly children, and made into one of the iconic characters. “Arguably, Captain Jack Sparrow is the only truly iconic screen character to have yet come out of this new millennium. It's a wholly original and thrillingly eccentric creation, conjured by the famous shape-shifter Depp, as the ducking, weaving, highly superstitious pirate captain of dubious morality and personal hygiene.” (Levy, n. d.). His entrance in the movie is considered as the one of the most memorable movie entrances, as it brings out into focus his trait of deceitfully attaining his objectives mainly through words instead of fights. Several lines said by him in this movie have become some of the famous quotable lines. He turned out to be the most attractive character of the movie, and so among the five Oscar nominations the film earned, Johnny Depp was nominated for the Best Actor (Boyar, 2007). Speaking of Depp’s acting, well-known movie critic, Roger Ebert writes in his book “Roger Ebert’s Movie Year Book” (2006) that Depp’s performance was original in every atom and so far no one has played the role of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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