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Types of Military Institutions in the U.S - Essay Example

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CLASSIFICATION Name Date University Instructor Marley and I had been planning to meet for breakfast since we were rained out in the last one that seemed more like a torrential downpour then a spring shower. Nevertheless, umbrellas neatly tuck and rapped in order to not sprinkle in the back floor board of Marley’s Navigator she swore she loved more than Howard, though not that he would let on hearing, just another part of Marley’s charm…
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Types of Military Institutions in the U.S
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"Types of Military Institutions in the U.S"

Download file to see previous pages I also knew that we would be sneaking around Howard if we wanted to get rid of anything or he would likely have a coronary then and there. I suppose Marley and Howard were my best friends, met when my husband and I bought the property across the street though we never really became close until Tom moved out. Marley oldest daughter had passed away before I moved in though theirs a son in Pennsylvania who comes a few times a year when his health is good. Marley and Howard both will tell you that their life has been blessed as they’ve known and lived a beautiful life, though it was difficult for some time when Ariel passed on. Marley will wake up some mornings and say soon, little Ariel, soon enough. This morning Howards going to mow the grass as he still calls it though everyone in the neighborhood knows he’s in the swing under the pecan tree and Mat from across the street cuts, glad to get 20 bucks and not a bit bashful about not telling Ms. Marley about it. Just as well since for 5 or 6 years Marley has never mentioned it, instead muttering under her breath that shouldn’t be out cutting the grass at this age, to which he always replies you take care women’s work, let me take care of the men’s work. And that would end the argument, Marley only half arguing anyways to see what Howard would say and it may be just as likely that Howard does the same thing, figuring Marley’s’ seen him in the shade under the pecan tree by now with Mat mowing the yard. It’s gone on for years that way, no harm done. Finally when Howard was outside the house puttering with the yard we could get down to business. Black bags for those we wanted to donate, small boxes for those we wanted to have a appraised, white bags for those the ladies at the church might read, and a laundry basket for magazines that we might want to keep for crafts and we were ready start. Marley started pulling them off the lower shelf’s while I, being taller, started up top. We’d wait until we had a nice size stack before going through them. When we had bit to work with we sat down and started plundering. I was thrilled to find over 30 Little Golden Books for children in perfect condition! Marley, you can’t toss these out! Oh No, the church nursery will find a great use for them and I know they will be well appreciated, besides no more babies expected, ya know. I was somewhat hard hearted because I knew they must at one time been read to her children. Might I keep one Marley? She looked surprised and said well yes of course you can your welcome to anything here. I thought you might, don’t let me start crying. We placed all but one in the church bag. Then was Poor Richards Almanac of 1898! What about the church? Surely not worth appraising and they’d love to show it off. I agree and off it went. Next we came to a small set of four signed Frederick Douglas books from 1934; these were very exciting and boxed them right up to be appraised. Still more common book, bought recently, Stephen King, Danielle Steele, Opera’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Types of Military Institutions in the U.S Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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