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Bases for Violence, Types of Behavior in Hostage-Takers - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Bases for Violence, Types of Behavior in Hostage-Takers" it is clear that focusing on emotions of HT offers a chance to break the discussion regarding demands and issues, and it creates an impression of interest towards the feelings of the HT, instead of complaints about each other…
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Bases for Violence, Types of Behavior in Hostage-Takers
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Download file to see previous pages The biological emphasis on violence that is considered to be different causes of various forms of violent behaviors. There are major theories entail an explanation of the models that focuses on the biological basis of violence. One of the biological explanations of human violence is based sociobiology regarding to Darwin’s theory of evolution (Raine, 2002). In fact, this explanation revolves around the insightful insinuation of desires aimed at maximizing the reproductive status by attaining or safeguarding resources and access to companions. Human beings have undergone evolution through mechanisms aimed at ensuring that their genes are transmitted to succeeding cohorts via production. Therefore, sociobiology basis offers a substantial explanation for the implications of the consequences related to other substantial issues of human violence that entail sexual jealousy, inter-male conflicts and infanticide. Major areas in the brain have made a substantial contribution to understanding the basis of violence, which entail limbic system that is vital in violence behaviors (Raine & Buchsbaum, 1996). There are implications concerning the amygdala and hypothalamus, which are implicated in behaviors of defence attack, though there is a difference in regions and forms of aggression. Concepts of Institutional Culpability, Staff Culpability and Legal Liability Institutional culpability is accessible to clientele, and it involves an easy prey for those seeking for acquire money or drugs. Moreover, there are minimal systems of maintaining security in these institutions and some institutions, there is isolation of Counseling Centers and Offices. In addition, there are other institutions attributed to denial, whereby they elude publicity concerning awareness of crime and security of the campus. Therefore, the behaviors of people in the institution are attributed to institutional culpability.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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