How Does Music Influence Human Nature Particularly In the Youth - Research Paper Example

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The youths are worst affected by the behavioral changes influenced by music since they are in the age group that most musicians target when producing their music. This paper will discuss how music influences human nature particularly the youth…
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How Does Music Influence Human Nature Particularly In the Youth
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"How Does Music Influence Human Nature Particularly In the Youth"

Download file to see previous pages f a person’s mood is turned into excitement when he or she listens to a particular type of music, every time that kind of music is played will lead to a subsequent change in the person’s mood. This is subsequently portrayed in his or her behavior as he or she listens to the music. According to the cognitive theory, the brain has the ability to learn through repeated experiences; thus, listening to music can train the brain to respond differently depending on the music on the background (O’Donnell Para 3). People have different preferences of music. This is because the brain in different people responds differently to different external stimuli. Among the youths, there is a growing trend of the young people forming their friendship cliques based on the type of music they enjoy. Those who listen to hip hop music will most likely only associate with their counterparts who enjoy similar genres of music. Following this societal phenomenon among the youths, there has emerged distinct cultures among the youths in which the members’ behaviors are unique and parallel to the behaviors depicted by the music artists (Chen, Miller & Grube 3). Learning in human beings is mainly through observation. When the youths watch music videos, they adopt the dressing styles from the musicians and they behave in the same way as they see the people in the video acting. This has eroded the minds of a large percentage of teenagers in the society. While the musicians may only be acting to market their music, the youths take their behaviors seriously and they end up behaving in ways that could be regarded as immoral. Many parents are complaining about their teenagers’ dressing styles, especially for the youths who listen to rap music (O’Donnell Para 4). The youth stage in life is a very...
This paper stresses that music is a very feasible avenue for influencing change in the society. The changes in the society are normally as a result of changes on individuals within the community. Different types of music have different effects on the listeners. This is because some types of music have messages that easily alter the way of thinking of the listeners. In the world today, musicians make music with themes that are controversial on ethical grounds. Violence is the order of the day in the music industries, particularly when focusing on hip hop and rap music. It has been proven that the human mind learns a lot through observation and perception. This means that when the youths who are the major target group for musicians, listen and watch violent music, they are highly likely to embrace violence in their personalities.
This report makes a conclusion that music may have a positive effect on the listeners. Music with positive messages has been used to influence the youths to quit their evil ways. The youth stage in life comes along with many challenges. Music is a feasible tool that has been used to guide the youths through the challenging times. Most musicians base the message in their music on their personal past experiences and this serves as a motivational factor to the youths going through similar experiences. Music changes the mood of people and they may use it to sooth themselves when they are nervous or when they are exhausted. Psychologists have used music as a viable treatment for certain mental conditions on nervousness. The behavior of the youths may be altered for the better through music ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How Does Music Influence Human Nature Particularly In the Youth Research Paper)
How Does Music Influence Human Nature Particularly In the Youth Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/english/1464171-how-does-music-influence-human-nature-particularly-in-the-youth.
“How Does Music Influence Human Nature Particularly In the Youth Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1464171-how-does-music-influence-human-nature-particularly-in-the-youth.
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