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Alta View Hospital Incident, 1991 - Research Paper Example

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Name Date Course Section/# The Alta Vista Hospital Incident Oftentimes the ebb and flow of current news events allows one to lose focus upon earlier events that help to define the way that violence and criminality is both understood and responded to within our society…
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Alta View Hospital Incident, 1991
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Download file to see previous pages nd other stakeholders within the situation sought to engage with regards to the primary hostage taker. It is the hope of this author that such an analysis will bring a more clear and complete understanding of the means by which any type of violent action or hostage situation has immediate and far-reaching impacts upon society. Although it may be convenient to assume the individuals involved in the situation necessarily represent the extent of the stakeholders, the fact of the matter is that the collective society as a whole integrates with an understanding, both conscious and subconscious, with regards to such events. Finally, it must be understood that the given case in question represents something unique in the fact that the first responders sought to integrate with the threats they were faced with. Accordingly, the final segment of this brief analysis will consider the means whereby the first responders within law enforcement handled the situation in an extremely thoughtful and gentle manner. As with many incidents involving violence and hostage taking within society, the initial shock and interest that the news story generated was soon eclipsed by other newsworthy items. Once the hostage situation had drawn to a definite close and Brown was taken into custody, the instant necessarily lost a great deal of criticality for society. Furthermore although it seems rather macabre, the incident proved not to be critical to society due to the overall level of violence that was exhibited. This does not and should not serve to mean that the actions undertaken by Brown were anything short of heinous; rather, the fact of the matter is that society determined, on a subconscious level, that the death of a single hostage, Kara Row, was insufficient to warrant a further level of focus and discussion. It should be understood that the approach with which this particular author is taking is done in order to determine whether or not the incident was critical within society is based not upon a formalized sample or questionnaire passed out among shareholders of the time; rather, analysis of the news articles that surrounded September and October 1991 prove that the situation received little attention as it was ongoing and even a smaller level of attention once the trial moved forward and Brown was ultimately condemned to life imprisonment. As one might expect, by the time that Brown committed suicide in prison in 1993, such an instance barely was able to find mention within the state and local news and most certainly not within the national news. Although it can be said that the complexity and ultimate violence that is illustrated in the current structure demands that undo attention not be placed on random acts of violence that do not claim a large number of lives, as will be seen in the preceding analysis, the incident at Alta Vista Hospital was unfortunately a harbinger of many such actions to calm. Although it is not up to society to integrate with each and every act of violence and understand its determinate parts, the lack of interest that such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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