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This essay, Should You Let Your Teenagers Drink? by Cassandra Jardine, declares when Cassandra Jardine wrote “Should You Let Your Teenagers Drink?” she bore the intention of regulating Sir Donaldson’s ideal approach of “an alcohol-free zone” for teenagers below 15. …
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Should You Let Your Teenagers Drink by Cassandra Jardine
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"Should You Let Your Teenagers Drink by Cassandra Jardine"

Download file to see previous pages Acccording to the report in “Should You Let Your Teenagers Drink?”, Jardine provides a realistic discourse of an issue for which Sir L. Donaldson holds a rigid stand as a Chief Medical Officer. By experience, Jardine and several other parents know exactly that to a certain extent, they ought to give in to the act of spoiling their kids in order to keep them from the perils of binge-drinking. Donaldson, however, opposes such an idea or practice, claiming that teenagers should refrain from alcoholic drinking until they are 15 years old. Throughout the Western world, youths of such age have had access to liquor markets and statistical figures are truly upsetting, so Jardine could well ascertain how a stance toward abstinence should work as imposed upon those experimenting in the “free-houses”.This discussion stresses that 'mother knows best’ and this cliché is strong enough for the ground of taking the perspective which Jardine looks at on deciding about the resolution to opt for. Having spent considerable amount of time with her children, Jardine may be imagined in a setting where she can readily engage with their thoughts and thereby become sensible to their needs as the situation goes with an increasing sense of fluidity. This way, she can gradually bring across the main point that it is not necessary to keep young people from drinking for as long as parents employ the attitude of affectionate watchfulness....
With her story shared in the article, Jardine demonstrates how important it is to have a two-way communication process with her children so that the latter are allowed the flexibility to express themselves and air their particular concerns or reasons for exploring stuffs that are new to them. It appears that with parents who tend to be otherwise repressive, teenagers are rather more likely to stay away from confiding with the elderly having gone against the children’s freedom to seek identity and establish conformity with peers they feel are the true ones who can relate with and care for them. In all fairness, Jardine does not miss on identifying why Donaldson has made his own stand, exemplifying concrete details via the youth-gone-wild of the British culture. She further exhibits support for his stand by featuring the impact drinking alcohol bears on the development of pliable brains among teens. Clearly, Jardine perceives the probable consequences of a misguided drinking habit where alcoholism or addiction to drinking emerges to cause a threatening influence on teenage people who eventually incur failure in studies or lack of interest in healthy activities. Unsafe sex and unwanted pregnancy are no new stories either. Hence, in this light, the Chief Medical Officer deserves credits for his proposition. If parents, on the other hand, were to be more subjective by way of constant communication, this would enable the young ones to convey the core substance of their values and priorities. It is particularly fascinating to learn that Jardine makes a spontaneous flow of conversation with her children of ages 13, 14, and 19, all of whom seem to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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