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Giving birth control devices to teenagers - Essay Example

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This essay will provide a discussion about the question of giving birth control devices to teenagers with various references to studies regarding the topic. From the analysis, it is evident, that giving birth control devices to teenagers has benefits and problems…
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Giving birth control devices to teenagers
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Download file to see previous pages Birth control devices “could potentially make teenagers to think that they can have sex with anyone at any time and not have any consequences, but a lot of teenagers are uneducated about contraception and will misuse it, making it pointless” (What are the pros of giving free birth control to teens?). On the other hand, many people question the logic of providing birth control devices to teenagers. They are of the view that the easy accessibility of birth control devices may motivate teenagers further and further to engage in sexual activities. In their opinion, the fear of pregnancy is the only thing which prevents majority of teenagers from sexual activities. The availability of contraception or birth control devices will remove such fears from the minds of teenagers and they may increase their sexual activities beyond the limits. Teenage is a period during which the education of a person is taking place. Education is the most important thing in the life of a teenager. Failure to complete the school or college life with flying colors may prevent the teenagers from getting better employment in future. In other words, security and safety of future life of a teenager are mostly depending on the academic qualifications. The availability of birth control devices may force the teenagers to shift their main focus from education to sexual activities. Such people will realize the consequences of their activities in future and they will not get any second opportunity to revert their future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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