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Smoking among Teenagers - Research Paper Example

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INTRODUCTION Smoking among teenagers is a result of peer pressure, teenage blues, family problems or lack of social acceptance generally. Teenage is a very tender age when boys and girls are still growing physically and emotionally. It is said that character building starts from teenage and the children who go wayward in teenage can never be on the right track later in life…
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Smoking among Teenagers
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Download file to see previous pages Not only this but also a teen’s exposure to cigarette smoke increases the risk of metabolic syndrome. Smoking during the teenage impacts the teenager’s overall health, lung efficiency, reduces concentration span as a result of which his or her academic performance is hampered. Youth is that period of our lives where our mind and body are at their peaks but smoking during teenage deprives one of giving one’s best performance in all walks of life (Hales, 2009-2010). The hazards of teenage smoking and its causes can be traced to the determinants of health as per the ecological model. THE ECOLOGICAL MODEL The ecological perspective on health includes individual and environmental factors. The ecological model stresses that for community assessment, it is important to look beyond individual factors and also incorporate organizational and community factors. As per the ecological model, behavior at the individual level is influenced by biological, physiological, psychological and emotional states. The psychological aspect of teenage smoking is that teenagers have it at the back of their mind that smoking makes them more ‘cool’ and mature. Many a times a teenager tries the first puff just to imitate his or her favorite celebrity. The social and cultural beliefs of family, friends and peers comprise of the interpersonal level. Smoking behavior of a teen is influenced by family: for instance if one of the parents smokes, then the child tends to smoke too. Heredity is the main biological factor: for instance women who smoke during pregnancy are indirectly making their unborn children prone to nicotine. These children develop a liking for nicotine and also show quick addiction. Friends are part family members and usually a teen is more influenced by friends than by his family. Many teenagers testify that their friends forced them to take the first puff (Harris, 2010). The physiological factors for teenage smoking will include nicotine metabolism and excretion. Cultural beliefs are very correctly depicted in the promotions of the Marlboro Man (McLeroy, 1988). At the organizational and community level, economic, physical and structural factors influence behavior. This level encompasses educational programs, mass media, counseling, support groups and organizational incentives. Public policy is another domain at which assessment can be done for a community. The Public Policy shows the state’s stance on health and related issues. For instance public service messages against teenage smoking and awareness programs come under public policy. Not only this but also public policy includes national laws for teenage smoking like a ban on selling cigarettes to a minor (Harris, 2010). Relationships with family, friends, neighbors, contacts at work, and acquaintances form the interpersonal processes which influence health behaviors. These relationships are particularly more influential in a teenager’s life as his mind is vulnerable and he tends to adopt common behavior in his surroundings. The way a teenager deals with stress is also influenced by these relationships. If an adult smokes excessively during stress than his teenage son would do the same under stress. If the same interpersonal relationships can provoke a teenager to smoke then they can also work as support systems in times of stress and rehabilitation (for smoking or alcohol addicts). However if a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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