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This paper talks about love which may be described as a passionate feeling that a person feels for someone else; it brings about emotions of personal attachment and helps to represent kindness, compassion as well as affection for another being, usually for the good of that other being. …
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Love A Powerful Emotion
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"Love A Powerful Emotion"

Download file to see previous pages This essay declares that love can be both masculine as well as feminine because different kinds of people and characters are brought up in different settings and are taught to love one another with the same emotions. ‘Maurice’, written by E.M Forster, is a book about a young boy who has spent all his life around other boys and men; he is never exposed to girls as he attends an all boys school as well as an all boys college, and thus, when his family expects him to fall in love with and get married to a girl, he finds it tough to do so because he begins to love people of the male gender. Some forms of love are said to be more feminine than others such as the passionate as well as tentative love which may be observed through the writings of E. M Forster.
This report makes a conclusion that , love has been talked about as a feminine emotion because of the delicacy with which is it presented forth to people; however, most men are the ones that handle love in such a fragile manner and understand their better halves in women. Most men around the world have written some of the best love stories that have torn people’s hearts and helped them understand the meaning of being unconditional; how then can love be called a feminine emotion? It is neither emasculated in nature, nor completely womanly, because it consists of various aspects like understanding desire and sexuality. All these attributes of love cannot be given a gender specific role to follow because they are unique to themselves and general to the people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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