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The Power Of Music In Literature - Research Paper Example

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The writer of the paper "The Power Of Music In Literature" states that by taking a close look at Shakespeare and the way he both used and understood music, people can gain a solid understanding of how music can create a strong feeling of emotion in the audience…
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The Power Of Music In Literature
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"The Power Of Music In Literature"

Download file to see previous pages This close connection helps to create a very solid understanding of the literature itself and can bring the audience’s own feelings and emotions deeply into the action. Music in literature can often be used to express mood in literature, and this expression can be stronger than using the written word alone. Examples of music’s strength can be found in drama, especially Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies. Shakespeare often uses music to create a strong emotional tone. By implementing music in his plays, Shakespeare was able to transcend his mood from the action and characters into his audience. His technique was quite successful, and besides his fantastic writing skills, this ability to combine literature and music allowed him to successfully demonstrate the feelings of his characters to his audience. Music, therefore, can be more powerful than the written word alone in literature, and by taking a close look at Shakespeare and the way he both used and understood music, we can gain a solid understanding of how music can create a strong feeling of emotion in the audience, backing up the action set in the play or piece of fiction.
“Music oft hath such a charm to make bad good,” Shakespeare states in Measure for Measure. Shakespeare, therefore, realized the power of music and its ability to create and stir emotion in his audience. Shakespeare also realized that music could make something that seemed otherwise bearable quite bearable. In fact, the bard was so fascinated by music that many of his characters mention its power in his plays. He often uses music as a metaphor to compare its power to certain feelings, and it seems that the mere mention of music helps to make the words spoken even stronger. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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