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Research paper - War and peace How do People Justify War? War is one of the main subjects in the international history and it provides us a clear-cut view that war has been part and parcel of our political society. There are different analysis and perspectives given to war…
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Research Paper - War and Peace
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"- War and Peace"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will bring out the views and opinions of people who are justifying war in some form or the other through their literary work. Also, the paper will provide an analytical view on what makes them believe that war is justifiable and in what circumstance they consider war acceptable, whether it really deserves the kind of importance that is given to it. War and peace are the two important aspects that rule the political, social and economic aspects of the world and thus it proves to be one of the most significant areas as a whole. Many dimensions are given to this form of belligerency between two states. As per the definition provided by Dinstein in War, Aggression and Self Defense (2011), “War is a hostile interaction between two or more States, either in a technical or in a material sense.” On technical front, war is a formal way to declare war whereas in the material sense, it means the usage of armed conflict by either of the party. Thus, it has a wider reach then what it is often thought out to be. The term ‘war’ has got a wider connotation than its literal meaning and if often used against anything against social or economic problem as well. There are instances were people address terms like ‘war against drugs’ and ‘war against terrorism’. It is used in general parlance and adds a poetic touch over the intensity of the issue. Thus, there seems to be a sort of belief that war is not something that needs to be avoided altogether rather it is a means to survive. According to Softich (2010, pp. 3-64), the writings of Noah bring out the mixed feelings that are the outcome of the war scenario. He conveys it effectively through the book, The Short and Noble Life of Specialist Noah Charles Pierce. Noah Charles Pierce, a Veteran of Iraq War, had written many poems on war. He shot himself dead after returning back home from Iraq. All his poems surround the war scenario and bring out the true essence of war. All his poems are touching and provides with a detailed account of the life at the war site, the challenges and hardship that the soldiers had to face. He provides a justification that whomever is in front of him, if he was an enemy, he had not choice but to kill him. Through his writings, he reflects the inner feelings that surround him during the course of war and after he had done his duty as a responsible citizen. Justification is given that war, ultimately, is aimed at providing a greater sense of protection though in its course a lot of life is taken. If we take an account of the history, it becomes clear that war, though not liked, was considered to be an inevitable part of life. Richard Regan observes in his book, Just war: principles and cases (1996) that wars are the means to preserve the interests of a society or an individual. He further contends that “…wars are the ‘natural’ consequence of individual and societal acquisitive appetites.” The justification is made based on the aspects that no moral and ethnical details matters when the subject of self-interest comes into play. The author goes in-depth when analyzing the aspects of war and provides an excellent stance that the goodness and badness of a war can be determined on its success or failure to protect the societal interests or not. Thus the justification that war is not bad in itself and only the intention behind the war needs to be looked up to is put across through a more analytical approach. On one of his editorial contributions, When You Have to Shoot First ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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