The Trouble With Art & Redefining Women in Nollywood article review - Essay Example

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Professional film makers are opting for good film production with quality entertainment, imagination and entertainment. There is also the depreciation of visual arts and women in the Nollywood film industry. …
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The Trouble With Art & Redefining Women in Nollywood article review
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Unit Introduction There is a sharp contrast between Art and film in Africa where new filmmakers have come up. Recently attention has been drawn to the inability of filmmakers in Africa to deculturize and adopts the film genre. Professional film makers are opting for good film production with quality entertainment, imagination and entertainment. There is also the depreciation of visual arts and women in the Nollywood film industry. Art is an essential part of culture, where attention is drawn to filmmakers in Africa that are trying their level best to come up with good and quality entertainment in form of movies. This paper aims at reviewing two recent articles, The “Trouble With Art” & “Redefining Women in Nollywood”. The Trouble With Art The article, Trouble with Art, talks about a prophet in Uganda who is not honored at home, neither by the government nor by the people. Nuwa is a Ugandan artist who has been successful in art exhibitions both in U.S and South Africa. His artworks were meant to support the Ugandan government as well as other governments, and therefore, he and other artists would be wealthy if they were alive. For example, in the U.S, artists’ raw materials are not taxed, and usually get generous support. Additionally, they also get funds for endowment. Nuwa claims that in the U.S, he is supported and welcomed, unlike in Uganda where he is charged in all manners, including taxes, rent, and commission on his paintings sales. To add to this, the government in all developed countries subsidizes the cost of art and space during production (Musinguzi 2011). In his article, Nuwa says that the late Idi-Amin was a supporter of creative and art industries. However, the power and potential of the Art industry has not been seen to be appreciated and supported by Yoweri Museveni, who has ruled for 25 years. During an interview with East African from his Nyanza workplace in Kampala, he claimed that lack of support from both public and private sector was due to state affairs. He also argued that national gallery does not exist in the country, as well as there are no Ugandan art collections ever done by the government, and most importantly, no archiving and documentation of their art work (Musinguzi 2011). To add to this, there is no ministry in Uganda that is concerned with collection of arts, as well as ready to fund their arts and craft purchase as part of Uganda treasure in order to encourage the Visual art industry in the country. There is also no art syllabus in schools institution that can help in market, documenting, promoting and preserving the art industry. This he says that it would help in cultivating a talent as well as provide employment. The private sector has also taken a cue from the government because they have turned their backs on the artists too. However, he contends that Africa appreciates art, because people have arts paintings and hangings in their residents. He blames the current situation on leader laziness, blaming them for the fact that they have allowed the foreigners to impose their values and will on Africans. It is therefore, upon the Africans to cross-examine the past and recount it to present if they want to obtain a sustainable production (Musinguzi 2011). Redefining Women in Nollywood Njoku talks about the place of women in Hollywood industry as well as how the industry has helped empower them. Additionally, it also answers question on women being portrayed as bad people because of their roles in the movies as well as victims of stereotypes and discrimination. The article tries to define the place of women in Nigerian movies, where he acknowledges that the industry has perfumed two roles, the same concerns on the image of women. To start with the film industry shows the role of different sexes and secondly reflects their roles which society believes are suitable for women (Njoku 2011). Nollywood industry has steroptyped women, in the sense that it reinforces reality in the society, which Njoku blames on the media. According to his opinion, he claims that stereotyping of women in Nigeria is common in the media industry in Nigeria and lowers their status in the society. He therefore, advocates for the film industry to consider changing the attitude of Nigerian women in the industry. For example, they can attempt to change women roles as well change the agenda, for them to play a new role in development. The women should also consider moving to the technical bench, for example, production and directing instead of only focusing on acting. Women can also perform other duties rather than acting. Therefore, the women should be empowered to take up such roles in order come up with a new set of objectives for Nigerian women (Njoku 2011). Conclusion Art in Uganda is not treasured and supported by both the government and private sector. Nuwa claims that, Ugandan future art work is bright if only the government supported it as well as youth and the society at large began embracing their culture. However, women in Nigerian movies should be empowered to take up roles like production and directing instead of focusing on acting which Njoku claims that it stereotypes them and portrays a bad image in the society. Therefore, women should be portrayed in new light rather than what the Nollywood industry implicates and portrays their status in the society. Work cited Musinguzi, Bamuturaki. “The Trouble With Art.” The East African 16 May 2011: Print. Njoku, Benjamin. “Redefining Women in Nollywood.” Vanguard (Lagos). 20 October 2011: Print. Read More
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