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Description on Fairness - Essay Example

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Fairness is a term which is used widely in many areas of our life like sports, politics, criminal justice systems, media industry, market, business, research & developments etc. It is difficult to define fairness in general terms because of the variety of fields in which it is used in our social life…
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Description Essay on Fairness
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"Description on Fairness"

Download file to see previous pages In sports, fairness is often associated with the umpiring decisions. For example, in a cricket match, the umpire can rule a batsman out if the ball hits the leg of the batsmen. However, the umpire should make sure that the ball was heading towards the stumps before it was hit on the pads or legs of the batsmen, before ruling against the batsmen. There are many cases, in which the umpire commits mistakes while giving leg before wicket (LBW) decisions against batsmen. Under such circumstances, people often label it as an unfair decision. On the other hand, if the umpire makes the correct decision, people will accept it as a fair decision. In politics, governments often take some decisions in favor and against the interests of the people. For example, crude oil prices are fluctuating in global market and because of that many governments in the world forced to adjust the petroleum prices in their country. For example, Indian government recently increased the prices of petrol in domestic market several times. Wall Street Journal dated 4 November, 2011 has pointed out that “The opposition lashed out at the UPA govt for raising petrol prices with BJP attributing it to the Govt’s mismanagement and the Left parties asking all their state units to launch nationwide protests” (India This Evening: Opposition Attacks UPA on Petrol Price Rise). In short, the petroleum price hikes in India is not labeled as a fair decision by the opposition parties even though, ruling coalition government label it as a fair decision, considering the price hikes of crude oil in global market. In criminal justice system also, the word fairness is used extensively while analyzing the punishments given to the criminals. While Saddam got the capital punishment, many of the people labeled it as an unfair decision whereas many others accepted it as a fair decision. Same way when Gadhafi was killed, many of the supporters of Gadhafi labeled it as an unfair decision from the part of the revolutionists. There are many instances in which criminals escape from punishments whereas innocents suffered punishments because of the loopholes in criminal justice systems. In such cases also people wills say that the criminal justice system failed to maintain fairness while labeling a person as criminal or innocent. Media industry is another areas in which the word fairness often brings controversies. Media often report news with color. In some cases, it may create or fabricate false stories about prominent people in order to raise its ratings and popularity. In such cases, we will say that the4 media did not show any fairness while reporting news. In marketing also we often use the word fairness. For example, there are many instances in which sales people use bad tactics to close the sales. They may even spread false stories about the product and services of the competitors. At the same time, there are many sales professionals who keep certain integrity in their professional life. In the first case, we will say that fairness was not maintained whereas in the second case we will say that fairness was maintained. In business or in beauty industry, the word fairness holds a completely different meaning. Many of the cosmetic products available in the market claim that it can increase the fairness of a person. There are lots of fairness creams available in the market. These products claim that consistent usage of it may provide fairness to the skin. Here fairness means better skin ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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