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The Most Effective Government - Essay Example

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There are many different systems of government. They are often criticized based on moral ideologies. The highest standard that a government can be held to when performing a critical assessment is that the government fulfills the duties for which it was designed. …
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The Most Effective Government
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"The Most Effective Government"

Download file to see previous pages The most effective government fulfills its purpose. As it has been stated, “government exists to control: to govern means ‘to control’” (Janda et al, n.d; p.9). At first glance all governments seem to fit this definition. However, additional considerations must be given to determine if a government is truly effective. If the government only exists to enforce control over society, then people have little reason to submit themselves to being ruled. Government must offer benefits to society in order for it to truly fulfill its purpose. It has been reported that, “throughout history, government has served two major purposes: maintaining order (preserving life and protecting property) and providing public goods. More recently, some governments have pursued a third purpose, promoting equality, which is more controversial” (Janda et al. n.d; p.9). The purpose of government as so described can be used to determine if a government is effective. Therefore, effective government will be successful in fulfilling all of its purpose as has been described. Democracy can be considered the most effective government because it is most successful in maintaining order, providing public goods, and promoting equality.
The Ability to Maintaining Order
Communism is marked by a “disappearance of civil, political, and economic rights” (Sanchez 2010:p.1). People that live in such countries are not free. Having no rights, they become ordinary gears in the clockwork of society. By this it would seem that communism is a form of government that is the most effective in maintaining order. Yet, where there is order there should also be peace. Where people are oppressed, there are limits to their peace. Due to the oppression that is characteristic of communist governments a government which offers more liberty better fulfils this requirement. As it has been stated, “A free society requires a citizenry that is capable of taking personal responsibility for bettering their lot, and voluntarily promoting and protecting public goods such as education, health, public order, peace, and justice” (Thunder, 2009). According to this statement democracy, with its promotion of free society is better equipped to fulfill the requirement of maintaining order by design. The maintenance of this government requires the existence of public order and peace. Such is not the case with communism. Providing Public Goods Communist countries demand work from their citizens. Many have laws that call for the imprisonment of any citizen who fails to maintain a job. The people’s work may aid in the continuation of existence and maintenance of their countries, but there is much lacking in the governmental provision of public goods. It has been reported of communist North Korea that “due to the nature of it being a tightly controlled police State, very little information leaves the country about the daily life of those who live there” (International Christian Concern 2010). Communist governments maintain a tight grip on the lives of their people. To the communist government, whatever provisions they allot the people are sufficient. However, it is clear that this government fails to supply adequate public goods to its people. In fact, communist governments have been identified as purposefully oppressing their people in order to further their own interests. It has been told that, “…North Korea seems confident its long-suffering people –battered by famine, floods, and economic mismanagement – will continue to suffer in silence” (Magnier 2006). Having failed to provide for the people adequately, democracy has won over communism in fulfilling the purpose of government. While poverty may be found in democratic countries such as America, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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