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E-government problems - Research Paper Example

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E-Government Problems Instructor Instructor Date E-Government Problems E-Government Past literature presents e-government in different terminologies such as electronic governance and digital government. This literature argues that the phrase electronic government was put forth in the 20th century to define the processes through which government meet the needs of citizens and support them through the use of various technological applications (Teo, Srivastava & Jiang, 2008)…
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E-government problems
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Extract of sample "E-government problems"

Download file to see previous pages Past literature illustrates the application of e-governance within federal offices (Groznik, Kovacic & Trkman, 2008). This includes communication through information systems and the internet among federal offices. Researchers demonstrate that such communication is the prerequisite to the ability of government offices to have effective relations (DG Information Society and Media, 2007). It is in this regard therefore that e-governments have been said to employ technology in ensuring that all of its offices work towards a common goal of providing efficient and effective services to the public (Chee-Wee & Benbasat, 2009). It is however notable through a review of past literature on e-governments, that scholars have not reached specific definitions for all aspects of e-governance. This is demonstrated by the different understandings and descriptions of issues in e-governance such as effectiveness, applicability, user friendliness and the various applications that are used in the implementation of e-government across all platforms of government operations (Ong, Katerattanakul & Seok Jeong, 2008). Past research literature agrees that e-government and its design are aimed at benefiting citizens (Sarantis, Smithson, Charalabidis & Askounis, 2010). This includes workers across a nation that implements e-governance, ordinary citizens, practitioners and researchers (Kazemikaitiene & Bileviciene, 2008). The definition of e-government reveals how citizens benefit from its applications. For example most of past literature on the topic reports that e-government is a set of technological tools and applications which are designed with an aim of facilitating communication and interaction between citizens and the government (Teo, Srivastava & Jiang, 2008). More notable is the fact that past literature agrees that the satisfaction of citizens on e-governance is less satisfactory in most states (Svard, 2010). This is attributed to the challenges or problems that are faced by e-governments as described in the following sections of the literature review. Failures in E-Government Leadership The process of acquisition, design, installation and implementation technology within government institutions, agencies and offices requires that proper monitoring and control is guaranteed for success (BBC, 2012). Even though past literature presents the various processes of developing e-governments differently, it is evident that proper leadership is vital for successful development of information systems within all levels of governance (Hakan & Karl, 2009). It is in this regard that researchers have focused at an evaluation of the leadership processes within government agencies that employ technology. Researchers report that several failures characterize the leadership of government agencies and departments in regard to the development of e-government applications (Groznik, Kovacic & Trkman, 2008). Among the most notable failures in leadership include poor control and management of the initiation stage of e-government development and poor control of the implementation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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