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Rhetorically (Crazy Stupid Love) - Essay Example

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What is infidelity? Why do couples committed to each other become unfaithful to each other? Infidelity is a negative social phenomenon found in all human societies, but they differ from one society to another. From the movie entitled Crazy Stupid Love, starring Steve Carell and Julianne Moore, who portrays spouses Cal Weaver and Emily Weaver, the issue of infidelity was highlighted as Emily cheated on Cal and was asking for a divorce…
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Rhetorically (Crazy Stupid Love)
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"Rhetorically (Crazy Stupid Love)"

Download file to see previous pages One would notice in the movie how infidelity affects one’s way of life and leads characters into discovering its drastic effects and the host of alternatives people do to cope with the situation. In this regard, the objective of the essay is to present a rhetorical analysis of the movie by expounding on the message of the movie and its effectiveness in establishing audience appeal through logos, pathos and ethos. The conflict in the movie stemmed from Emily’s acknowledgement of cheating on Cal, devastating his perfect perception of his life and facing him in an ambivalent situation. While Cal and Emily had a romantic dinner she asked Cal for a divorce; stunning him and leading him into a situation where ethos is applied. He tried to convince Emily to think of their family and their love. On the other hand, Emily was actually also applying the ethical appeal to present to Cal that her infidelity justifies the divorce and therefore, despite her uncertainty for her true feelings for the man she slept with, she was convinced that there was no other option but to part ways. In her argumentation, Emily actually used logos by rationalizing and justifying that by committing an unfaithful act through sleeping with a man, other than her husband, the most logical and rational recourse is to file the divorce. The audience’s emotions could actually side on Cal or Emily, depending on the personal perspectives, value system and cultural orientation. For people from the eastern culture who still do not accept divorce as acceptable in their society, the argument of Emily is unacceptable and therefore do not appeal to their emotions (pathos). On the other hand, for people from the western culture, who have learned to accept divorce as a way of life, like the office mates of Cal who even made fun of him when he cried his heart out, the contention that divorce is the only option available after an unfair relationship, is indeed the most appealing recommendation (pathos). Another situation worth examining is why, despite Jacob Palmer’s advice to Cal to get over Emily, to move on and start living his life, still is convinced that Emily is the only person for him. It was actually an understandable action at the onset that Cal would listen to Jacob by succumbing to his suggestions of changing his lifestyle by making him look younger, donning new and attractive clothes, and start dating other women to seek fulfilling relationships that would help him forget about Emily. Through the use of logos, Jacob, was actually successful in convincing Cal that if Emily could find somebody to replace him; then by all means, he should likewise find ways and means to forget and replace her. The audience could actually empathize with Cal at this point and through Jacob’s innuendos, he was also effective in manifesting the presence of using pathos to appeal to the emotions of the viewers and share in the journey of transformation for Cal’s new life. Further, the move was likewise effective as Jacob was able to manifest ethos, or an ethical appeal as he convinced even Emily that she actually made a mistake of suggesting the divorce. By showing personality and traits that exemplify expertise in treating women and being highly competent in dealing with relationships, Jacob assumed a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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