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Gendering the Mythic World - Term Paper Example

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In the essay “Gendering the Mythic World” the author provides the characterization of myths. The gender roles each myth portrayed in the poem, Theogony, described how each other moved and reacted in the whole episode. This analysis would give the reader an insight into culture and civilization…
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Gendering the Mythic World
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Extract of sample "Gendering the Mythic World"

Download file to see previous pages He introduced the muses in the story as the daughter of the main character and god, Zeus and Mnemosyne goddess of memory, but very little was written about her. This becomes an important insertion as Hesoid became known to reciting long poems with mastery and it is theorized that Mnemosyne granted the power of memory to him. Hesoid claims he had been authorized by the goddesses to tell their stories, and it is like putting the words in his mouth. (Frazer translations, n.d). As there were no other means of communications at that time, Hesoid recited Theogony as an oral composition wherein he had to use impressive metaphors and comparisons so that audience can visualize and feel the actions and emotions.
Theogony was done in eloquent and fascinating fashion, like a fantasy, and has similarities in religious beliefs and history. As the title suggests, Theogony is about the birth of gods. It is a blend of Greek tradition that deals with gods and universe, told a story that starts with the creation of the world, the cosmos, and the universe. But the gods in his creation behaved in confusing ways.
In many approaches, Theogony has a resemblance with the book of Genesis of the Hebrew and the Christian Bible. The poem listed the early generations and genealogy of gods, heroes, and Titans since the beginning of the universe.
The dynamics or the vibrant lives of the myths constituted a large role in this epic poem, as Hesoid introduced them as our religious roots they become keys to understanding our culture. Myths in the story deal with “supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes that serves as a fundamental type in the worldview of a people, as explaining aspects of the natural world or delineating the psychology, customs, or ideas of society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gendering the Mythic World Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words.
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