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Variability of the exposure to community life and the socialization models available for practice are the decisive elements to navigate the behavior of an individual during his growth process…
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Adolescence: Choices and Conflicts
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Adolescence: Choices and Conflicts Personality development of an individual is a process that passes through the different stages of his life. Variability of the exposure to community life and the socialization models available for practice are the decisive elements to navigate the behavior of an individual during his growth process. Most of the aspects specific of an individual’s personality take their original route to the leisure activities people involve in during their adolescence. Apart from the abuse of technology and drugs, their involvement in dangerous motor stunts stands as a serious practice of the young generation threatening the safety of both self and public. Implications of the spirit of young energy and emerging confidence encourage many an adolescent to involve in activities for easily grabbing public appraisal or peer demands but without the concerns of the perils that awaits them at the end of the day. The thrift for demonstrating expertise in rash driving on busy roads and organized activities involving ‘mad-max’ kind of bike races by the youth often leave the roads a danger zone for commoners and other motorists. A sheer pleasure of driving excellence for the amusement of the peer encourages the ‘emerging stuntmen’ to cross all the limits of safety to result in loss of their lives very often. This imperiling deed of the youngsters has to be seen as one of the most serious challenges of the present society as it poses obvious challenges to the ethical tracks of the society associated with public safety. Another derivative effect of these young organizations is their increasing urge for post winning celebrations as well as losers consolation ceremonies they arrange as a team at secluded locations with the involvement of narcotic substances and in many cases, illegal sexuality at an early age.”Teenagers are both bigger than younger children and more likely to use alcohol”(Gruenewald, Remer and Rob, 47). More than the risk involved in the activity itself, the impact of their behavioral derailment results in the formation of an irresponsible and illegitimate young generation. As more and more young students involve in the organized lawbreaking ‘entertainment’ practices, they neglect their curriculum and practically forget the purpose and value of education in their future life which is a serious concern for the productive youth empowerment prospect of the government. A generalization can be made that the total of all the negative motivational drives developed in the childhood as a result of the declining level of parental attention as well as lacking self identification urges that an individual encounters during his adolescence. Garrett(CEO, National PTA) suggests that male involvement is critical in a child’s development (Ebony, September 2009) by ensuring the continuous process of schooling of children without distractions. A majority of the studies reaffirm that leisure activities are the facets of the lives of adolescents which largely contribute to their socialization requirements apart from the visible cause of peer pleasure. They are identified as the basis of structuring the personal identities applied by every individual beyond the restrictions of the teachers and adult members of their family. Most of the afterschool hours spent by the students are advised to be oriented generally around club activities where they get opportunity to mingle with adults of better social identities which is a major advantage of their socialization; and that is the reason according to Arnon, Shmuel and Zinaida, why the addition of adult is recommended against the general tendency of the peer for their exclusion. It can also be seen in a culturally developed society, that the involvement of adult in an adolescent peer is essential for the direction of the organized movements of its members on a productive part while considering the ethical values of the society as well as the law of the land. Several organizations conduct seminars and surveys in order to identify the role of parents as expected by adolescent parents, pregnant adolescents and young fathers; and in most of the cases, the majority identifies the role of father ‘s availability to the child as superior to all the influential factors of a child’s development (Lemay, Cashman, Elfenbein and Marianne). As a conclusion, it can be noticed that socio-cultural as well as religious factors influence the development process of a child. A good parenting model is the most practical thing recommended for the regulation of their diverse behavior patterns toward the productive levels of schooling and socializing. In the absence of their biological parents, their guidance must be handled by a responsible male member related to their daily life. Also, the government must provide for the empowerment of children in a collectively organized form with the involvement of child-friendly interactive sessions and amusement events with the joint participation of authorities, teachers and parents. Most importantly, they should be seen as the imitators of adult social models, therefore, strict norms must be followed that the ethical responsibility of the society to the young generation is guaranteed by all the adult members. Adolescent community is the manpower for the future which should be safeguarded by the society and the governments of any civilized population. Works Cited Arnon, Sara, Shamai, Shmuel & Ilatov, Zinaida. “Socialization agents and activities of young adolescents.” Adolescence. Libra Publications, Inc. (2008): 373-397. Web. 28 September 2011. Gruenewald, Paul J, Remer, Lillian & Lipton, Rob. “Evaluating the alcohol environment: Community geography and alcohol problems.” Alcohol Research and Health. EBSCO Publishing. (2002): 42-48. Web. 28 September 2011. Garrett, Byron. Man Up and be a Responsible Father or Role Model to Your Children. Johnson Publishing Company Inc, Web. 28 September 2011. Lemay, Celeste A, Cashman, Suzanne B, Elfenbein, Dianne S & Felice, Marianne E. “A qualitative study of the meaning of fatherhood among young urban fathers.” Public Health Nursing. Wiley Periodicals. (2010):221-231. Web. 28 September 2011 Read More
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Adolescence: Choices and Conflicts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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