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From diet analysis to nutritional facts, exercise preferences for each subsequent age to recommendations regarding nutritional facts of an edible, my friend knew it all. I undoubtedly considered myself as being one of the most fortunate persons to have known Sarah as one of my best buddies. We had been together since childhood. She had been a gem ever since I had known her. She had inherited the caring nature of her parents who were both physicians. Ever since I befriended her I found her to be excessively caring and understanding of others’ needs. Though she was only ten years old then but I can never forget how she took care of my bruised knee that I had gotten after slipping off a flight of stairs in our school auditorium. Before anyone could pick me up and take me to the nurse she rushed back to our class and got an alcohol swab and a bandage from the first aid box in our class. She quickly wiped off the bruise on my knee and neatly bandaged it. I was amazed and thankful. I knew I would not have been able to do the same had I been in her place. However, that was just the start! She was the ever famous pupil in high school. Commonly known as the health guru among her group of friends, we all knew it well that we could always look upto her whenever a matter related to health and fitness was under consideration and she would instantly shower us with a group of tips and advices. Chilled milk and red juicy apples were her favorite edibles and whenever we thought of hanging out for leisure

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she would always jump with ideas like:”How about going to the new fresh juice bar the Mrs. Anderson has opened in her backyard?” or “I just heard of a wonderful new outlet that is offering an all-healthy diet. Let’s go try it out.” “Pomegranates are good weight watchers and iron enhancers along with red kidney beans.” This was her remark when Nancy complained that she was anemic. There was no end to it. Name a health related issue and she would know about the latest progress related to it. From the latest researches to the best possible easiest ways to solve and prevent a problem Sarah was usually well aware of it all. She walked excessively and would not take vehicle rides when she had to run errands that were just a few blocks away. I remember that she bagged the most number of trophies in sports activities in high school and college. She strongly discouraged dieting and stressed that dieting was the key to bad health. Sarah was a strong advocate of eating right and that too at the right times. She said that there was nothing better than this formula that would keep oneself fit. She would always discourage the following of the much publicized diet plans and emphasized that they stressed out an individual as a result of which he would end up gaining wait rather than loosing it. Proteins diets were the most discouraged by her. She maintained and practically administered the point of view that muscles in a human body were the key to its fitness and strength. They were the greatest fat burners. Dieting caused scarcity of any one or more food nutrients in body resulting in lesser muscle mass. The eventual result was loss in strength and eventual sluggishness. Sarah often urged that one would never get overweight if one ate everything in adequate portions, maintained an active lifestyle and spent lesser time lingering on couches and watching television! My health Guru hard firm belief that it was never too late to get back into an ideal shape no matter what age group one belonged to and o matter may the current weight of the individual was. She strongly believed that one did not need to get his body hurt in order to get into shape. Discouraging the common myth


The masters’ level specialized education in ‘Fitness and Nutrition’ that Miss Sarah Ford possessed was just an added compliment to the natural skill and efficiency that she possessed as an instinctive advisor. …
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