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Cell Phone for Marketing Project - Essay Example

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An acquaintance recently got an I Phone thru AT&T’s postpaid offer, which is a postpaid plan bundled with an I Phone 3rd Generation/ 8G at a with a one-time charge of $ 99. She has always wanted to get this particular handset due to its popularity in terms of feature and…
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Cell Phone for Marketing Project
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Download file to see previous pages This person wanted to enjoy those same privileges, and also have a phone and the kind of service that best suits her communication needs. So when AT&T released the I Phone offer earlier this year, she was more than excited to get one.
Smartphones are very popular in the US and is also growing in popularity in other parts of the world. It’s no surprise that both the I Phone and Blackberry are competing very closely in terms of market share. My friend’s other option it to get a Blackberry to replace her old I Phone. These two handsets don’t differ much in terms of pricing. AT&T offers both handsets under their postpaid plans within very close price ranges. BlackBerry has also its share of winning reviews and a steady throng of followers. In fact, another friend owns a BlackBerry curve, one of its latest models, and we are all at awe with its user-friendly features. This phone and this brand in general suits people who are more interested in data than media. Even online reviews say this. But since my friend prefers to store music, videos and games, I Phone is the sure choice for her.
The I Phone 3rd Generation is an apple phone in its usual form – sleek, trendy and hip. Its amazing touch screen technology that literally lets you glide through applications is one of its best features. No phone comes close to this technology yet. It is a wonder how Apple does it – the I Phone is hands-down, the best choice for the younger generation of phone addicts. Aside from its looks, the I Phone also has the capacity to carry a wide array of application types that makes the already useful handset into a really genius gadget that goes beyond its telecommunication functions. My friend extremely enjoys the applications, and the many things she could do with her new phone.
The purchase took place last September at the AT&T Wilshire ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cell Phone for Marketing Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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