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Is the American Media Responsible for Perpetuating an Unrealistic Beauty Ideal for Women - Essay Example

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This report talks that the idea of beauty is not something similar for every woman as every woman is different in her body structure and features. Current American entertainment and mass media is powerful and ubiquitous and has a strong hold on the entire population on the planet. …
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Is the American Media Responsible for Perpetuating an Unrealistic Beauty Ideal for Women
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Extract of sample "Is the American Media Responsible for Perpetuating an Unrealistic Beauty Ideal for Women"

Download file to see previous pages When these models walk the ramp, the youth populations which watch these shows are tempted to follow their footsteps and undergo extreme dieting and starvation. Women watching these American television shows feel that they are imperfect and resort to different shortcuts to attain wafer thin body structure. America’s new Television show named “America’s Next Top Model” has created such a surge among teenagers that they take unrealistic steps to attain thin body figure. According to (Erp,23) “The popularity of talent shows such as America's Next Top Model is just a more pronounced example of society's increasing obsession with youth and beauty, another addition to the flood of images serving up idealized, teen perfection”. The teenagers and young women are blindly influenced by the extreme thin structure of models and actresses that they hardly think about the negative impact upon their health and body. They fall victim to eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia and get accustomed to depression and anxiety disorders. Television and movies establishes and put forward a message that only underweight and ultra – thin women are worth living in this era. American media’s promotion of Barbie doll image In America it is not unusual for media to display a Barbie doll concept to the female population all over the country. The Barbie has been influencing the growing up girls who are between the age of 3 to 12yrs.It is estimated that one in three girls aged under 12 yrs in American owns a Barbie doll. Girls playing with it tend to compare her body structure with Barbie and attempt to attain her body image. If Barbie doll is imagined as a human being, then she would be so thin that...
This report approves that the government and other voluntary organization take deliberate step to boycott unhealthy concepts promoted by American media. There should also be funding from the part of government to advertise health promoting campaigns to acknowledge the teenage population about ideal weight and right beauty concept. All the population around the world watches American entertainment media and nurture their fashion and beauty concepts around it. The female models displayed in all the media are extremely thin, which is an unattainable body image for the ordinary female population. The television channels like Fashion TV, depicts female models that are so thin that they look terribly starved and undernourished comparing to a normal female.
This essay makes a conclusion that media is a channel which has a tremendous power to communicate to people around the world. If mass media and advertisement campaign does not pass on a beneficial message to the public then they are misusing their power and position. Beauty is not a thing to be achieved by torturing the body and undergoing mental stress and bodily deprivation. Beauty is something which reflects happiness, health and joy. A human being needs healthy and nutritious food to function in a balanced way. When young women deprive their body of essential nutrients they end up being diseased and ugly looking. Today the world is running after glamour and sexy body image but people are forgetting that in the long run when they suffer from illness no media will come for their help or resort. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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