Right to Bear Arms - Essay Example

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Every person has the right to live in a safe environment. One of the many reasons why people choose to live in a certain place is safety. It is not just personal safety for some, but family safety for most. Every person needs to feel secure where they live, where they work…
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Right to Bear Arms
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"Right to Bear Arms"

Download file to see previous pages Legalization of gun ownership is part of the second amendment, where it states that “a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This indicates that there is a law that allows people to own guns. But there are several points to be considered in part of the amendment. There is an emphasis on having a well-regulated militia. This indicates that there are certain rules, or principles that surround a militia group (Petersen, p.16). This specifically creates a nature of the citizen army. A citizen army does not group armed citizens without a common principle, rather it states that a militia group needs to have regulations and principles not just a chaotic movement. The second amendment, then, creates in itself a certain significant function of regulation and control. Thus, it signifies that there is still control within the second amendment not just merely to allow citizens gun ownership simply for security purposes. The second amendment shows that gun ownership is still regulated based on the principles of creating security and defending the freedom of the state and the people living under it. It is important to know that freedom is a very crucial aspect of the nation’s principle. With this, it creates a bond between citizens to protect not only themselves but also the nation’s pledge for their freedom and security. ...
Security and freedom are very important aspects of human life. Humans fight for their freedom and their security. This rooted from the fact that individuals know they have the right to be free and to live a secure life. The issue of gun ownership cannot be questioned alone for the specific behavior of violent individuals owning guns. There are certain laws and policies guarding gun ownership, and this is not a violation of the second amendment. As I have broken down earlier, the second amendment clearly states that there are rules by which gun ownership should revolve. If humans have been given their rights, they are given a corresponding responsibility with it. There are two sides looking at the second amendment. First is the second amendment’s declaration that a militia group is a right to maintain the security and freedom of the state. The second perspective is looking at it individually wherein mere individuals may own guns. As far as I’m seeing it, the second amendment agrees to both. The question is how people tend to understand the rules and regulations surrounding the amendment. Opposition of gun control argues that gun ban or control is not a solution. It is the individuals that should be regulated and ownership should be controlled (Gischler, 9). I believe that they have a very good argument since it is not the gun that controls a person rather it is an individual with a gun who has a problem if they use it other than what is stated in the amendment, for security and freedom. The use of guns is what is to be regulated but before that people should be educated on the real purpose of owning guns. There are several incidences ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gun control
America is one of the few nations on earth that still guarantees easy access to guns for nearly all citizens. This fact is at the heart of a national debate that rages primarily during election years. There are many different opinions about what it means to have the “right to bear arms.” Does this mean unfettered access to any sort of gun?
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The article begins by delving on a knee jerk reaction of the National Rifle Association after the Tucson shooting in deciding to be low profile and evasive, citing the reasons of sympathy with the victims. However, the very same article slowly and gradually tends to build a support around the issue of the controversial right to bear arms by mentioning varied affiliated organizations and politicians, who think that the concerned shooting will have but a little impact on the right to bear arms.
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The 2nd Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms
In fact, it was a requirement in some colonies for men to carry muskets especially when visiting the church. Weapons were a sign of honor, dignity and courage. The colonists that explored the New World were threatened by the Indians. For security against attacks, every able bodied man had to have arms.
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Why the Second Amendment Should Not Give Citizens the Right to Own Assault Weaponry? The Second amendment should not give private citizens the right to own guns as this right has been continuously abused by individuals and criminals alike. The United States of America’s constitution in regard to the second amendment states in part that a militia that is regulated for the reason of upholding the security of a state, the right of the citizens of that state to bear firearms shall not be regulated.
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The Need for Gun Control
These facts alone should suggests that there is indeed a need for gun control in America. One of the main reasons given for not changing the current laws by people who own guns is that they are guaranteed the right to "bear arms" in the American Constitution.
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blish a government agenda to change the laws concerning gun control, going about it in the real world is an entirely different story since the right to bear arms is a right protected by the constitution. Therefore, to establish gun control in a way which completely controls how
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