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Gun Control - Research Paper Example

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America happens to be a unique nation in the sense that the constitution of this great country extends to its citizens the right to bear arms, both as individuals…
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Gun Control
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Extract of sample "Gun Control"

Download file to see previous pages As is but natural and expected in any vibrant democracy, the issue of gun control has attracted much assertions for and against it. If on the one side there are people and groups who support the constitutional right to bear arms, claiming that the common citizens do need guns to protect themselves and their loved ones from crime, on the other side there are citizens who vouch for stricter gun laws, as they assert that guns give way to much crime and violence in the society (Kleiman 148). Both the sides extend such arguments in their support that sound pragmatic and viable. In an academic context, it would be really informative and interesting to delve on the varied arguments extended by people on both sides of this flaring issue.
It is a known fact that the American legal system had its moorings in the English Common Law (Strauss 34). However, when it comes to the issue pertaining to the right or prerogative of the common citizens to bear arms, America has affiliated to a stance that is very unlike the avenues available in the English Common Law (Strauss 34). As is evident, the laws in any nation, to a large extent, often have their genesis in the history and socio-political background of that country. Thereby, going by the historical realities amidst which America emerged to be a free and sovereign nation; the constitution of America extended to its citizens the right to bear arms. The right to bear arms is enshrined in the Bill of Rights and was enacted as the Second Amendment to the Constitution of America. Therefore, it is evident that in a historical and political context, America affiliated to a very liberal and tolerant approach, as far as the keeping and bearing of arms by its citizens was concerned (Strauss 34).
The irony is that varied social opinion makers, legal scholars and lay citizens have facilitated varied and mutually contradictory interpretations of the right to bear arms existent in the Constitution. There are people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gun Control Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
“Gun Control Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words”, n.d.
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Gun Control

...owner (Kleck, 64). In the year 1968, the term gun control acquired new connotation with the passage of the Federal Gun Control Act authorized in the wake of two significant murders of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. The act necessitates that all guns have serial numbers connected to the initial buyer forever. Moreover, because of the 1990s amendment, the act prohibited gun ownership by convicted criminals and necessitate a criminal background check for buyers during the sale (Du, 2). The Debate on Gun Control The gun control debate in America is a rivalry between...
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Gun control

... to The Second Amendment “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (“The Constitution”, 2006). Those who are against limited forms of gun control refuse to consider the important word “militia” within this Amendment. “The Second Amendment was intended solely to guard against suppression of state militias by the central government and therefore restricted in scope by that intent; or does not guarantee a right that is absolute, but one that can be limited by reasonable requirements” (Krouse, 2011). Advocates of gun control, by and large, desire the weapon that harms the most people, handguns, to not be legal anymore but are agreeable...
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Gun control

... understand the gun violence problem so their limited resources can be effectively employed. This paper argue that gun control policies can significantly influence the number of deaths and injuries from firearms Gun Control Gun control is the government enacting some type of legislation to restrict availability of firearms or ammunition. The majority of governments that have implemented gun control legislation have focused on firearms ownership restrictions and background checks in attempt to reduce firearms violence. The common objective is to reduce a criminal's access to firearms in the hope that violent crime will be reduced. Currently, large urban areas of the United States are attempting to deal with a host of issues related...
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Gun Control relation to the rights of the individual to own a gun. 2. Gun Control Winkler (16) mentions that, the rights to own a gun became integral in the American population when the white settlers required protection to guard self from attacks from unknown armies, animals and Native Americans. The justification was that Americans has a responsibility to protect themselves. Moreover, guns were used for hunting which is a sport culture in the country. Firearms are categorized into handguns, long guns and automated guns. Handguns include pistols and weapons that can be used with one hand. Long guns are specially...
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Gun Control

... Gun Control in America Gun control is a highly emotive and debatable arena, which has permeated through the American political scene; this from the early founding times. Hence, gun politics has been and still remains one of the most controversial of issues existent in America’s politics. Spanning a time period of several decades, the debate as to whether restrict or avail gun power, continues to elicit both vocal opposition as well as great proposition. This debate has constantly witnessed a stalemate; as is provided for by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, which provides for the right to bear arms vis-a-vis the Federal government’s role and responsibility towards preventing crime, especially that of a violent nature. Thus, gun...
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Gun Control a correct way. For ensuring gun control U.S government and defense department has chalked out some rules for the possession of firearms. Some of the points included for registered are extracted from the Federal Gun Control Act developed in 1968 in the U.S for possession of fire arms are responsible citizens abiding law, not addicted to drugs and alcohol, possessing U.S citizenship and must not be dropped out from military services (Moore & Reed, 1995). Not only crime issues but other issues such as hunting whether as a sport or for food purposes, has also reflected the serious issues of gun control legally and politically. Hunting is...
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Gun Control

... and guidelines for assessing whether an individual was eligible to own a gun. Similar to other laws, the firearm act has seen multiple changes and politics over time (Zimring 1). Currently, both the national and state governments have provisions concerning gun ownership. However, there is a diverse opinion of states over the issue. Some states lack any form of regulation while others have stringent gun control laws Background Information The issue of stringent control of guns probably emerged in the United States after President J.F Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. The case gave rise to a heated debate that has caused political criticisms (Carter 34). However, a probe into the American history reveals that gun control has existed since...
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Gun control

... influences of abuse, including drugs, alcohol, and other substance abuse along with mental health stress. The understanding of immediate affects abuse would have, how it relates to voluntary behaviors. The main objective of the research would to develop a form of argumentative system that would be instrumental in helping out the policymakers and enable them to lead a normal logical conclusion on the subject of gun control policy and life within the main stream of the society. (Lamb, 37) 2. For this purpose it is needed to formulate a policy or practice that would enable the government to determine a policy to put restriction on the guns. It s important to include population from different walks of life and interview them for their views...
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Gun control

...Violence The controversy between gun control and gun rights advocates starts with the gun casualty statistics in America. Gun control proponents cite spiraling casualties as the reason for government intervention, while gun rights proponents downplay the carnage. For instance, since the 1990s, statistics compiled that each day in the United States, a person dies by gunshot every eighteen minutes, totaling nearly 30,000 deaths per year: about half of these are suicides, another 11,000 are murders, and about 1,500 are gunshot accidents. (Crooker, p. 1) The Violence Policy Center has reported the following figures on...
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Gun Control/ Argumentative paper against Gun Control

... law, which proved unequal to the task of reducing violent crime in this city. Third, the federal Gun Control Act of 1968 imposed stringent restrictions on the possession and bearing of firearms, throughout the US (Preface to "Deterring Gun Violence"). However, this measure was ineffective, as is borne out by the fact that in comparison to the five years preceding the enactment of this act, the murder rate of the US, after the enactment of this act, showed a 50% increase. In the five years following this period, the murder rate showed a 75% increase, and in the 5 year period after that the increase was 81% (Preface to "Deterring Gun Violence"). As such, in the US crime rate was enhanced much, when gun control laws were in operation. Gun...
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