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There has been a high rate of insecurity cases in different campuses. Many students in different campuses globally, have innocently been murdered by unknown intruders…
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Argumentative paper on why Gun Control law should stay the way it is
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should be allowed to carry guns to campuses In many campuses worldwide, should beallowed to own and carry arms such as guns for various reasons. There has been a high rate of insecurity cases in different campuses. Many students in different campuses globally, have innocently been murdered by unknown intruders who are criminals (Gold & Susan Dudley, 2004). These fatal cases have become rampant thus raising a lot of concerns in the campuses fraternity. It has also raised a lot of fear among students making it unfavorable to learn. Such cases can be corrected by lifting the ban against gun possession by students in campuses. Many may argue that this will lead to an increase in the occurrence of such cases but on the contrary, if the students are taught how to handle the arms such as guns responsibly, they ought to access and carry them for their safety (Valdez, Angela & Ferguson 2012). This means that if students are allowed to own and carry their guns to their respective campuses, they will feel secure and comfortably learn. Another rampant case is that of sexual harassment (Bjorklund & Ruth 2013). This does not happen to the female gender only but also the male gender. When an individual fall a victim to such a case, it becomes easier to defend one-self when having a gun and also the know-how to handle it without basically killing the attacker. A student who has a gun, when he or she is attacked can put minor injuries on the attacker so as to scare him or her away. By doing this, students will be able to protect themselves against murder and any other illicit actions.
In conclusion, students should be allowed to own and carry guns to their campuses in order to protect themselves from being attacked and killed by attackers who might take away their lives.
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