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Anecdotes that relates wisdom - Essay Example

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A mother with her 3-year-old daughter rode a bus. They were going to watch a movie. An obese woman entered the bus and occupied two seats. The bus conductor looked at her and smirked. He mentioned something to a nearby passenger and they laughed…
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Anecdotes that relates wisdom
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"Anecdotes that relates wisdom"

Download file to see previous pages The girl saw this and asked her mother: “Mom, why are they laughing at that woman?” Her mom answered: “They are laughing at her, because she is fat.” Her daughter looked confused and said: “I would not laugh at anyone just because they are bigger than me. That would be rude.” At the theater, they watched the movie “Shrek.” When the scene showed Shrek being introduced to the public and people either laughed at him or looked disgusted, her child asked her: “Mom, why are they laughing at Shrek?” Her mom replied: “Because he is ugly my dear. They are laughing at him for being ugly.” Her daughter looked puzzled again and stressed: “But mom, Shrek is not ugly at all. He just looks different, but he sure is not ugly.” At home, the daughter seemed sad. Her mom asked her what was bothering her. She said that at school, some of her classmates said that she did not look like her mom, because her mom looked “ugly.” She told her mom: “I told them that you’re the most beautiful face in my universe. And you know mom, I wanted to hurt them. I wanted to push them away. But I stopped myself. Because if I did that, then I would be the ugly one.” The mother couldn’t help but cry. Lesson 6 Journal Entry # 1 of 10 Journal Exercise 6.1: Prewriting - Anecdote With Wisdom Brainstorm a list of possible topics. To begin, you'll need to think of an experience that taught someone a lesson. Like John Knowles, you can draw from the experiences of your own life or you can write pure fiction. Either way, your anecdote should share some insight or wisdom drawn from the experience. You can choose any writing style that's comfortable for you. For example, you may want to go with a personal, first-person narrator like Gene. You may want to write in an omniscient voice to show what all of the characters are thinking. Read back through some of the selections in Collection 13 to see if anything strikes you. Your list can be a mini-version of a writer's notebook. Jot down as many different anecdote ideas as you can to give yourself a lot of choices later. Your list might be just a phrase or two to remind you of the characters and maybe the lesson, or it might include more detail about some ideas, like a description of a setting. You should list at least three possible anecdote ideas and the lessons that go with them. Journal entry 1) The anecdote is about a woman who learns the value of simplicity from her own daughter. Her daughter shows her that brands and money do not matter to her. Expensive trips do not matter to her. It only matters that her mom gives her time and attention, because time and attention meant that her mom loved her more than anything in this world. 2) The anecdote is about a workaholic man. He has bought his own house and two automobiles already. Aside from that, he has enough savings that can last him two years or more. But somehow, he is not happy. He learns from an old man with memories of his family that material things are nothing with no one to share them with. 3) The anecdote narrates the life of a scientist looking for the fountain of youth. He already tested several animal and plant enzymes, but he could not find anything that could maintain one’s youth. Depressed, he left his life and became a nomad living in the forest, where he meets his future wife. They have a family together. The lesson is not about being young forever, but growing old with people one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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