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The Supremacy and Command of the Goddess Night - Case Study Example

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The following paper under the title 'The Supremacy and Command of the Goddess Night' gives detailed information about hymns which often have two major purposes—to praise the power and wisdom of a particular deity and to request that deity's help, protection, or mercy…
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The Supremacy and Command of the Goddess Night
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Extract of sample "The Supremacy and Command of the Goddess Night"

Download file to see previous pages The following lines are the prayers; they request the goddess that she must protect us from the she-wolf and he wolf, as they are the harbingers of malevolent existence. O night goddess, protect humankind from thieves. As the darkness of the night is palpable and must keep away the evils from her worshippers.
As she comes hath set the Dawn her Sister in her place The following lines are the perfect example of imagery, They explain, as the night draws near that is as the goddess envelopes the world she gradually pushes her sister twilight aside.
Haiku’s poetry speaks of common things in a common language and reveals uncommon ideas. The above poem evokes the emotion of a strong desire between the lovers who want to be lonely but in the company of each other. It is a lonely road of togetherness but leading to nowhere. Haiku’s poetry tries to evoke emotions with concrete things that have been explained in the lines ‘lonely road to nowhere’.
The majority of Tanka’s poems express human emotions, most of which deal with gentle, passionate, wistful new, or lost love. In the above poem, he uses nature imagery to expresses his desire to become a swan and nothing else. As a Swan, with outstretched wings, he can enjoy the radiance of the clear sky and snow-clad earth both together which he cannot do as a human being. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Supremacy and Command of the Goddess Night Case Study.
(The Supremacy and Command of the Goddess Night Case Study)
The Supremacy and Command of the Goddess Night Case Study.
“The Supremacy and Command of the Goddess Night Case Study”.
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