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The Antiquity of the Han Dynasty - Term Paper Example

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The Han dynasty began in 206 B.C right after the defeat of the Qin army which played an integral part in the retaliation that started after the death of the first emperor. The sole reason for the defeat of the Qin army was believed to be the lack of trust in them by the nation…
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The Antiquity of the Han Dynasty
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Extract of sample "The Antiquity of the Han Dynasty"

Download file to see previous pages They adopted legalism for the strength of their ruler ship and to set the rules and regulations while on the other hand Confucianism was meant to be followed by common people because of the importance of morals and the guidance towards achieving the moralistic rewards and satisfaction. Han dynasty aimed strongly towards achieving a direct control of people by the state.
The set of rules and regulations meant for the people of the early imperial China to follow were clearly directed towards achieving a unified nation. China flourished economically right after the supremacy of Wu Ti who was a renowned militant successful in the expansion of borders into Vietnam and Korea. This was a huge step towards an increase of population in order to colonize the entire area. The economic expansion assisted immensely in producing a proper platform for the trade opportunities that came their way and this platform was named as the 'Silk road' that helped the traders to channel their line of work and Silk in particular was sold through this route. Along with the economic development, agriculture increased on an apparent high scale and irrigational systems were introduced to increase the development within the Northern areas in China.
The education sector also developed during the Han period because of a new honorable class of gentry that was introduced. With education came a stack of informative encyclopedias to assist the Chinese youth to strengthen themselves academically. The best among these encyclopedias was that of the 'Book of the mountains and seas' that comprises of everything from geography to the natural world and philosophy. One of China's greatest historians was Sima Qian, who was the author of the 'Records of the historian (Shiji)' that became China's first ever attempt to properly compile the events from their antiquity. The Han dynasty is believed of having two distinct ruler ships; the first one was that of the Chinese with the other one ruled by a member of the previous Han dynasty who declared that he was responsible for the restoration of the Han dynasty. The original Han rule according to him was sabotaged because of the power gained by the rich people. The second dynasty however, enjoyed much of success with the foreign policies that they adopted. The opponent of the Han dynasty eventually tried to create a huge empire while including the entire Turkistan after which Turkistan was conquered by Chinese instantly. China suffered immensely economically and politically in the form of trade discrepancies after the span of struggle in Turkistan. This period massively highlights the movement by the Yellow turbans and China emerged as a unified nation once again but the defeat of the yellow turbans did not unify them on a single ground but instead three kingdoms emerged and the Han dynasty came to an end.
The artifacts of the Han dynasty:
The antiquity of the remarkable Han dynasty has been preserved in the silhouette of many artifacts which unveils the way they perceived the world and the philosophy behind their great minds. The artifacts are mostly in the form of shrines, steles and sculptures which portrays their notable aesthetic sense and the artistic excellence that they possessed.

A pair of stone felines:
This is a stone sculpture that well preserves the historic culture of China and presents a pair of a male and a female stone lion which was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Antiquity of the Han Dynasty Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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