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Professor Name English 19 October 2011 N/A The characteristics of Loma Linda University that are particularly attractive and meaningful to me and why I have chosen to apply for advanced education. It is necessary to stress that the Loma Linda University has several important characteristics that are appealing to me…
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The characteristics of Loma Linda University
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"The characteristics of Loma Linda University"

Download file to see previous pages Religion teaches to oppose all these things and live another life directed by Christ. I would like to study in the environment that respects religious values and inspires to be moral. I know that this educational institution tries to help people who need assistance and care. I have such experience already as I have participated in some volunteer program to assist homeless people. That is why I feel something in common with LLU and it is a good thing for me, like a sign that this university is a friendly home for those who are eager to join it. The above-mentioned things ensured me that LLU is the only educating institution I would like to study at. It attracts my attention by its attitude towards both the staff and the students. I like when people are respected and taken care of. Moreover, I will get an opportunity to make friends with the students from other cultures because this university allows students from various backgrounds to study together. This means that LLU gives an opportunity to learn more about different countries and people who live there. It is very important for me because I would like to know more about the world around me. Now I do not need to go to another country to get information, it is enough to enter Loma Linda University and communicate with its students. ...
Both these things are extremely important to me. That is why I think that there is no better university that may combine the above-mentioned purposes. I also like the diversity of programs suggested by LLU. They are: School of Science and Technology, School of Allied Health Professionals, School of Religion, School of Dentistry, School of Public Health, School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy. This diversity is very meaningful to me. How my spiritual experience has influenced and been integrated into my daily life? I have been volunteering on a monthly basis through a church organization to help the homeless. We provide the poor and homeless of Los Angeles and Orange County with nutritious meals, clothing, medications, and blankets before the winter session. We serve more than 150 meals each month to homeless, disabled, elderly and low-income adults and children. This program is a way of giving to the less fortunate, and it is quite inspirational. I have been involved in the program for the past three years. Moreover, I am an active member for the church program called “Helping new Comers”. The objective of the organization is assisting Egyptian immigrants to the United States. The program offers various methods of support. Job searching, school enrolments, and translation and acquirement of legal documents are all part of the support that the program offers. I also was a volunteer for Engineering without Borders Egypt. This is a non-profit organization designated to help the poor in Egypt. I am part of a seasonal team that goes to Egypt that visit the farmers who cannot afford to go to hospitals. The staff doctors will check the patients and provide them with basic medical needs at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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