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This paper considers the application of the student who wants to enter the Loma Linda University. It involves the characteristics of Loma Linda University which are particularly attractive and meaningful to the student and why he has chosen to apply for advanced education…
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Loma Linda University Value
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Download file to see previous pages n view of the medical profession is not common, and it became important for me to choose schools that will not only provide me the skill to become a better nurse – I needed a school that supports my own view of how health services should be rendered. Any school could teach me to become competent in my career, but there are only very few schools that can help sustain the fire inside me. I know for a fact that there are nursing schools that bombard one with so much information that one can forget why they chose to become a nurse in the first place. I didn’t want this to happen to me. I knew Loma Linda University was the school for me when I read your mission statement which says, Loma Linda University…seeks to further the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ "to make man whole" by: Educating ethical and proficient Christian health professionals and scholars through instruction, example, and the pursuit of truth; Expanding knowledge through research in the biological, behavioral, physical, and environmental sciences and applying this knowledge to health and disease; Providing comprehensive, competent, and compassionate health care for the whole person through faculty, students, and alumni. “To make man whole” captivated me. It held so much meaning for me. How does one make another person “whole”? If I were to become a nurse, I needed to know the answer to this question because I knew that one can only “whole” when one is healthy enough to experience everything that life has to offer. By reading your mission statement, I felt that I found an ally in my belief that the medical profession is a sacred task. I knew that by working with professors and school staff who understood this, I can become, not only a great nurse, but also a great person...
I am hoping that from the first few pages of this application, you can already get an idea of my thought process and beliefs. I tend to think deep about simple things because my father believed (and I share this too) that one should not waste time on unimportant things. Deep contemplation through meditation and prayer has enabled me to make difficult decisions and discard the unimportant and focus on the important only. For me, this is an important process, because it puts me in a close encounter with the divine, an intelligence that knows more than I will ever know in my lifetime. A spiritual experience, for me, is a conversation with my God, a tapping of the source, an expansion of awareness. Sometimes when I am deep in the experience, I ask questions about the role of man’s existence on earth and the inner workings of the universe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Loma Linda University Value " is quite popular among the assignments in high school. Still, this document opens a brand new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the idea for my own essay.

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