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Service Automation Using Mobile Applications - Research Proposal Example

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This research proposal "Service Automation Using Mobile Applications" describes technological advancement and the development of mobile application system that is the greatest possible solution towards addressing the common challenges in various societies. …
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Extract of sample "Service Automation Using Mobile Applications"

Download file to see previous pages Based on such considerations, the use of technology for the common individuals has become a common aspect in today’s world, with a consideration that affects the lives of many individuals within shorter time frames and as such, has an immediate impact on the lives. Mobile application systems as a means of automating services at the county offices have, therefore, become a substantive stride towards enhancing the delivery of service at the county offices. This paper discusses the enhancement of service delivery as an attribute to the automation of services using mobile system applications.
Previously, the county has realized significant losses and weak operative mechanisms, attributed to the use of outdated programs for the provision of services in the county. Considering such an occurrence, it is, therefore, an aspect of significant impact, the automation of services using simple mobile application systems as a means of addressing the challenges constantly experienced in the County because of the poor operating systems. Two of the major common challenges constantly experienced in the County office with a significant impact on the entire county involve increased corruption among the major players in the sector and increased availability of ghost workers, from which the county loses lots of cash, limiting the expected growth and economic development in the area.
The two major challenges addressed above affect the county offices in two major ways. First, the county revenue obtained through tax collections in the county, money collected for the purposes of running the programs of the county ends up in few pockets rather than providing services to all county to the citizens that pay the taxes. Such an aspect has significantly slowed down the development process in the county as there are insufficient funds to run the operations of the county.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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