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LIMS Evaluation Paper - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: LIMS Evaluation Paper Introduction Laboratory Information Management Systems refers to a software-based laboratory as well as an information management system that offers a set of key features for the support of a modern laboratory operation…
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LIMS Evaluation Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Healthcare professionals rely on the Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to make considerable decisions on patient care and the compulsory programs. Technologists too rely on the same systems to quickly, reliably, and precisely process test results and requests. These two broad categorization areas show that LIMS is to the highest degree valued in the field of medicine. As is widely known, laboratory testing is one of the principal contributors to the cost of patient care that is provided by any health association. For instance, in the United States of America alone, about 3 to 4% of money spent on healthcare is used up in laboratory testing. The laboratory tests also impact on approximately 80% of all the decisions made in healthcare sector (Paszko et al, 55). The Laboratory Information management Systems therefore, represents one of the greatest opportunities for controlling the ever growing costs of healthcare services delivery (Rugg, 15). The aim of this paper is to therefore, compare and contrast the three laboratory information management systems vendors: Sunquest laboratory, Cerner Millenium PathNet, and Medical Information Technology (Meditech) - Meditech Magic. These laboratory information management systems vendors have a common goal which is to efficiently manage the impact of laboratory testing and the cost of patient care. ...
ading outreach solutions and diagnostic information technology that are specifically designed to fulfill the main objectives of healthcare leaders today. Sunquest LIMS has features that are committed to workflow excellence, patient safety, predictive medicine, and patient & physician affinity. This system includes Diagnostic Intelligence that provides clinical metrics and operational metrics that are driven by real time and dashboard. In addition to this, the Sunquest Physician Portan in the Sunquest LIMS supports the relationship between the community and physicians and as well, supports the growth of laboratory outreach facilities. The system also eliminates error and gives optimal business and clinical processes. Consequently, the Sunquest Laboratory Information Management Systems provides an interface that comprehensively manages information and workflows while delivering diagnostic result insights supporting patient care quality (Roebuck, 75). This system has a Specimen Management Accessioning Routing and Tracking (SMART) feature which enhances full automation of laboratory workflows. This system works by generating a positive ROI and prevents errors, hence, allowing hospitals to put their focus on caring for their patients which is what matters most. Another dominant feature in the Sunquest LIMS is the Sunquest Collection Manager. This is a definitive solution that automates the process of collecting specimen and delivers high patient safety levels in the hospitals. This feature delivers the fastest and safest processes of specimen collection through positive patient identification and production label at bedside. This enables the healthcare provider to accurately identify the patient, verify the tubes for collection, and print the labels in a closed loop ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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