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In the paper “In-Built Power Back-Up System” the author discusses designing a new television that backs up the power supply and can be used during a power failure. The design will apply the 21 synectics steps from Synecticsworld. Power blackout is not an uncommon phenomenon…
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In-Built Power Back-Up System
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In-Built Power Back-Up System
Designing a new television that backs up power supply, and can be used during power failure. The design will apply the 21 synectics steps from Synecticsworld (2014)
1) Task headline: How to back up power supply in a television set by creating an in-built power back-up system that automatically switches over through an extra fast transfer switch to an inverter which continues to supply power to the television set.
2) Task analysis: Power blackout is not an uncommon phenomenon that occurs abruptly and can sometimes, extend for long hours. The blackout period might vary depending on the location and the urgency of the power company to make the needed repairs if the problem is technical. It is quite common to see power blackouts in urban centers fixed almost immediately while the same problem in rural areas like rural Africa not fixed with the same urgency due to of various reasons. The power back-up system television keeps the internal arrays completely charged.
3) Subtract: I would subtract the internal speakers from the television to make way for the back-up device. The television set will come with external speakers.
4) Repeat: I would continue using the same style and color for the television.
5) Add: I would add more screen so that the television becomes wider and thicker to accommodate the back-up device.
6) Combine: I would combine the back-up device with a timer-gadget that detects whether there are people watching the television and automatically switches off when no one is watching the television to save on backed-up power.
7) Empathy: The television will give an indication when there is too much usage.
8) The television will warn the user when the backed-up power is draining low.
9) The television will be able to use either electrical power or solar power to charge the back-up system.
10) Animation: The television would have a voice that gives the warning and indication of low battery out loud like a speaking human.
11) Transfer: I would transfer my ideas to experts overseas to get specialists opinion on the television model.
12) Superimpose: The television will be a more advanced and refined model of the current television model in the market.
13) The back-up supply device will produce very little noise as compared to the usual generators that have been used to back-up power.
14) The back-up device will be extremely fast, and the television program will be unaffected when power failure happens.
15) The amount of back-up time will be determined by the amount of load drawn from the television.
16) The television recharge time will depend on how much power was discharged during the power blackout.
17) The television will be able to last for a full power outage time if there is a planned power outage.
18) The television comes with an already installed back-up system, so the owner does not need to purchase and install other power back-up devices.
19) Cost: The television will cost slightly more than the current television market price, nonetheless, still affordable.
20) Maintenance: The television back-up system requires minimum maintenance. The batteries are essentially maintenance free and have a period of four to five years.
21) Durability: The power back-up device is already built inside the television ensuring little damages and tampering is caused to the device. The television functions like a normal television set.

Synecticsworld. (2014). Invention Labs & Workshops. Retrieved from: Read More
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(In-Built Power Back-Up System Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
In-Built Power Back-Up System Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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