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2.Discuss two domestic and two diplomatic/military achievements of Napoleon. What was his greatest success What was his worst blunder - Essay Example

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Napoleon was a French Military and Political leader who rose to the fame during the later stages of the French Revolution and became successful as a ruler who went on to achieve many wars in his quest for more power. Once in power he made drastic reforms at the domestic level…
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2.Discuss two domestic and two diplomatic/military achievements of Napoleon. What was his greatest success What was his worst blunder
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"2.Discuss two domestic and two diplomatic/military achievements of Napoleon. What was his greatest success What was his worst blunder"

Download file to see previous pages Probably his most important achievement on the domestic front was stabilizing the economy of France which was going through drastic changes due to French Revolution. He created Bank of France which was established with the purpose of not only taking care of the government borrowings but also to stabilize the currency of the country besides ensuring that the annuities are paid to the French citizens in effective manner.
It was also during his time that more children went to schools as he established a system of Universite wherein a comprehensive system of education was developed from the primary education to the University education. The establishment of a coherent and well developed education system resulted into an increase in the overall enrollment of children in schools and France started to catch up with other countries in the region. (Bergeron)
Though France was a power in Europe however, with his military achievements, France became a dominating nation in Europe. Due to his efforts, France was able to get back some of the areas which historically belonged to France from Austria as well as Britain. It was also during his time that France was able to attract secondary states and made for them necessary to actually accept French Leadership.
This however, was only possible because he was able to develop and build one of the largest armies of his time in Europe. He rose to the prominence at a time when Europe was going through significant social and economic change. It was during this time that he was able to raise a large army which went on to defeat many strong powers in the Region and made it possible for France to consolidate its power and hold over the politics of the Region. (Conner)
Probably, on the domestic front, Napoleon was able to achieve much more as compared to his achievements for diplomatic and military reasons. His ability to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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