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One very crucial aspect of an accessible public transport network is connectivity for all people including both the normal users of the network and those with disability. This normally affects the extent to which the transport networks such as paths and streets usually connect…
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Traffic management, Public transport, Pedestrian and Disabled access
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Download file to see previous pages For the people without any form of disability, the gaps and loopholes that exist within the transport network can be filled by driving cars, cycling, walking or using the most appropriate mode of public transport (Rickert, 2006). For the people with disability, any gap in connectivity which may include factors such as lack of ramps, safe crossings and lack of properly designed paths may only be filled through seeking assistance from the able people so as to reach their destination (Oxley, 2002). Traffic management takes into consideration all the network users and comes up with a proper layout that can best accommodate both the people with disability and those without.
Fundamentally, traffic management involves measures taken by responsible authorities to alleviate or reduce traffic congestion at all possible costs, increase safety for both traffic flow and pedestrians and utilization of other relevant mode of transport in an effective and efficient way (COST, 2013). Traffic management involves route suitability analysis to ensure excess traffic in a certain roads is diverted into less congested areas, selecting the most appropriate mode and means of transport to ensure a free flow of traffic. Pertinent aspects of traffic management should be considered in order to facilitate an effective traffic. They are the traffic information, driver monitoring with up-to-date information. The latest information is very crucial in traffic management because it gives a clear condition of roads in terms of weather patterns, maintenance, incidences on roads, situations and a possible alternative route (DFID, 2004). Many research articles have stressed the importance of traffic management due to its benefits. Traffic management is only possible and achievable under certain conditions. They go hand in hand with a good transportation system with good roads, operational traffic lights, well maintained roads and driver monitoring to ensure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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