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Community Assessment: Montclair, New Jersey - Essay Example

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 This essay focuses on community assessment: Montclair, New Jersey. The primary causes of death in Montclair community is excessive drug abuse, lack of adequate health care facilities, poor sanitation and other social amenities, HIV/AIDS epidemic and other chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer…
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Community Assessment: Montclair, New Jersey
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Download file to see previous pages The state or national mortality and morbidity rate is current at 2.1% compared to 3.4% in Montclair Township community (Baron, 2005). The community has several well-structured hospitals including Mountainside Referral Hospital, middle-class healthcare centers, dispensaries, and community-based health organization. The Montclair township health system is also adequately equipped with trained doctors’ nurses, psychiatrists, counselors, and psychologists. The Mountainside Hospital is as well commonly known for offering effective and timely Intensive Care Unit services and other specialized services including counseling and guidance services as well as long-term care services that incorporate hospitalization, home-based clinics, and monthly clinics. However, the available health care services are still insufficient to cater to the health needs of the entire community. Geographically, the community’s main hospital, the Mountainside Hospital is relatively far from a good number of Montclair community members. The high distance is attributed by lack of reliable transportation means as well as limited sufficient transport networks. Additionally, in Montclair health systems, there exists a significant gap between the available health services and the community health needs. The community does not have adequate health personnel to address the sky-rocketing mental cases brought about by increased cases of drug abuse. However, to counter the deficit, the community members have instituted various community health groups to address the multifaceted community health needs and for countering the emerging elderly people health needs. The community-based health facilities offer physical and psychological aids to ailing old people and mentally ill patients in the society. To address emergency services in the community, the Montclair Township has provided several ambulances (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2003). The Montclair Township ambulances are expected to offer instant health services and transport services to ailing people in the community. The community’s professionals have formed several voluntary healthcare entities to tackle health care issues in the community. Additionally, the core roles of the health department in the community are to offer emergency and long-term health services to community members, educate community members on health issues and conducting healthcare-related research on the community’s emerging healthcare issues. Despite the existence of several health care programs, the community members have failed to make proper use of the available health care services and programs (Koro, 2004). These health statistics indicate that the community has worked extensively and collaboratively in addressing health issues in the community. However, there are some health areas that require significant improvement to meet the community health needs. Lack of adequate information on the dangers associated with excessive use of drugs as well as lack of adequate preventive measures against chronic diseases are the main leading factors for increased mortality and morbidity rates in the community. Education The Montclair community has a popular public library, Montclair Public Library.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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