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San Francisco transport system - Essay Example

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1. The issue that current situation and status of transport system of San Francisco can be changed in some elements for everybody's convenience is an interesting one. This issue is increasingly important in this age of traffic jams, variety of public and private vehicles and intensity of public life in our cities…
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San Francisco transport system
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, these problems can affect some other branches of the San Francisco economy. In this essay, I will argue that there is necessary and possibility to improve the situation in San Francisco transport system and the local government is able to accept improving programs for the optimal and normal transport system functioning in San Francisco.
2. The status of San Francisco transport system is some different in comparison with some other cities. Since the 19th century the streets of San Francisco are very compact, but the city density is one of the highest in the USA. The main purpose of the local government is satisfying all needs of pedestrians and following traditions of pedestrian-oriented city. San Francisco is constantly growing, and the traffic system must adequately react to the city growth. About twenty five years ago the transit-first programme for the improving of the San Francisco public transportation system had been adopted. The main issue of the programme is providing good work of San Francisco transport system by investing appropriate funds in this important sphere of the city. The local government plans to invest public rights-of-way for public transport system. These measures can improve the functioning of San Francisco public transport. In addition to that, the city shape assumes that the traffic system should be pedestrian-oriented and convenient for all kinds of transport. The governmental measures, including the proportional development of all kinds of transport, must be very appropriate - they response the needs of pedestrians and confirm the status of San Francisco as pedestrian-oriented city. The needs of the urban economy demand the adequate transport system development. Pedestrian priority of San Francisco leads to the necessity of specific approach to the public transportation system. It needs to pay more attention to the design of the streets which could satisfy pedestrians' demands and resolve the problem of traffic jams in San Francisco. San Francisco streets must be maximal convenient for both different kinds of transport and pedestrians' moving, and there is no need in creating special streets for pedestrians and automobiles as in some European cities.
The regional problems affect San Francisco as well. It is necessary to improve the situation with the highways entering San Francisco. Today situation in this sphere is transportation congestion on these highways. But there is no need to increase their capacity. Instead of that, there should be appropriate technological measures for the alleviating of transport streams entering the city.
The specific of San Francisco is attractiveness for bicycle transport. The city has a lot of places for bicyclists. This kind of transport has many advantages: bicycles pollute the air less than cars, take fewer places to move and need less space for parking. This trend of bicycle travel popularity reflects some kind of originality of San Francisco, and transportation policy really should encourage it. This is one of the decisions of the traffic congestion problem.
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