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Development and behaviour of high performance concrete materials and their use in innovative structural solutions - Essay Example

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In the recent times, an emerging technology referred to as HPC (high performance concrete) or UHPC (Ultra high performance concrete) has become quite popular in the construction industry. The component material of this substance depends on desired traits, as well as,…
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Development and behaviour of high performance concrete materials and their use in innovative structural solutions
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Download file to see previous pages the high performance concrete has an extremely elevated compressive strength, as well as, durability with perfect flexural ductibility and resistance. And, with an ever-growing population, in addition to, expanding urban center, come increased level of constructions can be expected in all developing and developed countries. (Shuaib and Barker, 1991). Owing to enhanced mechanical property and durability, the high performance concretes have gained a wide acceptance in construction of innovative structures such as bridges, building and marine structures.
Aitcin (2003), defines high performance concrete as the low water- binder concrete with optimized aggregate to binder ratio of controlling its dimensional stability (for examples, drying shrinkage) which receives the sufficient water necessary for controlling autogenous shrinkage. Though high performance concrete has extensive application, its production is limited in various nations owing to the fact that suitable concrete aggregate like river sand, hard crushed or gravel aggregates are not available or either is available only in restricted quantity.
An all-embracing research has been carried out for the purposes of developing blended cement, concrete, as well as, other construction materials (self consolidating concrete, high performance, fibre reinforced concrete or lightweight concrete) for sustainable development with industrial and natural waste like fly ash, cement kiln dust, volcanic, as well as, slag materials. The developed blended cements and concrete materials did make a wonderful impact in the cement manufacturing and construction industries in many countries. At the moment, they are being utilizes in the common construction and in the restoration projects.
The United States department of Transportation shows that the high performance concrete have a tendency of having compressive strength of over 150MPa, interior fibre reinforcement of ensuring brittle behavior, as well as, a higher bidder ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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